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Combat Climate Change

Tata Power is part of a group of 46 leading international companies working together to develop a global policy framework to combat climate change. The 3C Initiative is a Global Opinion Group consisting of companies from a broad range of industries demanding integration of climate issues in markets and trade called Combat Climate Change (3C) and was launched on January 11, 2007. 3C commits itself to the following set of four actions to be undertaken to support development of the transparent policy framework called for in the Roadmap:

  • Sharing a deep understanding of the industries we work in and identifying the measures with the most impact and the steps needed to gain their full effect.
  • Working within our respective sectors to influence our colleagues and push the development of efficient technology.
  • Working hard to reduce emissions in our businesses and to act as role models for other organizations.
  • Contribute our share to minimizing market failures by being transparent and by helping our customers make informed choices.

The recommendations presented in the 3C Roadmap have been developed out of 3C’s founding statement, through a six-month process of open consultation with many of the initiative’s participating companies. Read more about the development of the Roadmap and participants in the 3C Initiative on www.combatclimatechange.org

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