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    How is the consumption of electricity billed?
    What is one unit of power?
    What is Maximum Demand (MD)?
    What is Power Factor?
    What is Fuel Adjustment Charges or FAC?
    What is Electricity Duty?
    What is Tax on Sale of Electricity?
    What is Delayed Payment Charges or DPC?
    What is Prompt Payment Discount?
    What is Minimum Monthly Charges?
    What is Multiplication Factor (MF) and how is it calculated? How is it different from mine to others?
    What are components of electricity bill?
    How does one calculate one's electricity consumption?
    Whom should one contact for common billing and metering queries?
    What does a new customer do if the first electricity bill is not received?
    What does one do if a bill has not been received or lost?
    Whom should the customer contact if the tariff applied is not correct?
    What does one do if the meter reading on the bill appears incorrect?
    What should be done if the current bill shows arrears even though the previous bill has been paid within the stipulated period?
    Why does a bill indicate nil or low units even though the consumption has been regular?
    Why does a bill appear to be in excess of the usual?
    Does the TATA POWER meter reader go every month to read the meter, or is the bill prepared on estimated consumption every alternate month?
    Why does the bill show that the units have been consumed even though the premises were unoccupied and locked?
    How is billing adjustment made for the defective metering period?
    Can a customer replace the main supply fuse installed by the company?
    Provision under Electricity Act 2003.

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