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About Mahseer

Mahseer is a fish acclaimed all over the world for being an outstanding game and food fish of India. Mahseer is one of the 20 mega fishes in the world; it can grow to about 9 feet in size, or 54 kgs in weight. There are around 33 species of this fish. Besides, Himachal Pradesh and the Himalayas, some species of this fish are found in the River Ganga and Yamuna too. Known as the toughest sport fish, Mahseer is a well-known game fish and an angler's delight; the size and fighting prowess of the fish makes it popular among recreational angling enthusiasts. It is also known as the king of fresh water for this reason.

Mahseer In The News

The reasons for extinction of this species are:

  • Loss of habitat
  • Declining quality of habitat due to Industrial and human pollution leading to loss of breeding grounds
  • Indiscriminate fishing of brood stock and juveniles,
  • Impacts of river valley projects
  • Use of explosives, poisons and electro fishing by poachers,
  • Introduction of exotic species,
  • Population pressures on resources

Tata Power's Association:

Tata Power was approached by the state fisheries department in the late 1960s to help save the endangered fish and that it decided to start the Mahseer project. As a part of Tata Power's eco-restoration and eco-development programme, conservation of this species was undertaken in 1975. Tata Power's commitment to sustainability can be illustrated through the robust model it has in place and this initiative falls under the framework of the same and hence has been continuing for so many years.  The conservation was facilitated through ecological improvement of the lakes, for food and sport and for breeding, conserving and rehabilitating the endangered. The Company set up a breeding center at Lonavla and has also established standard techniques of breeding the Mahseer species post in-depth research breeding over several lakhs of fingerlings. Till date, the Company has produced in excess of 10 million seed of Mahseer and distributed them all over India. The hatchery continues to breed over 3 to 4 lakhs of fingerlings every year whereas the breeding center is the only one till date which breeds and supplies fingerlings to various states in India - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Assam. Tata Power decided to start the mahseer project after it was approached by the state fisheries department in the late 1960s to help save the endangered fish.

The success with the Golden Mahseer initiative, over the past 40 years, has given a fresh boost of life to the fish. Moreover, it has also promoted bio-diversity and encouraged eco-tourism.

Mahseer now needs you

It has been over 4 decades that Tata Power has been putting in efforts to conserve this species. Unfortunately it is still an endangered species and undergoing slow extinction. Through Act for Mahseer, the Company would like to appeal to all the stakeholders to play a part in the conservation of this immensely acclaimed and useful species.

We invite everyone to join us in this endeavour to save this endangered species.

Click here to Pledge For Mahseer

You can save Mahseer! Act Now!


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