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Made a Difference

Tata Power made a difference in their lives!

Women Take Charge!

Ms. Anjali Bhusan Gaikwad, 28 year old graduate is living in Khopoli village in Hydros with her husband, child and in-laws. She has been working with a local Bakery shop since six years and have monthly earning of Rs 1500. Sometime back, her husband, a driver met with a road accident and doctors recommend complete bed rest. Over a period of time, financially the situtation became worse managing family and repay loan. Taking the bait in her hand, Ms. Anjali started looking for a better job in spite of community warnings. She got to know about the BPO started at Khopoli by Tata Power from the awareness camp on gender discrimination and economic empowerment. She took the interview and to her luck was selected.

Today, she earns enough to take care of her family. She has purchased a vehicle and drives to office to save time and travel cost. She is also helping her younger sister to continue her studies apart from managing her family efficiently. She expresses her gratitude by saying “the training in the BPO has made me more self-confident and independent. It has made me learnt the art of dealing with people. I am also happy for the fact that I am able to take care of my family and repay the loans.”

Football Mania at Haldia

Haldia plant wanted to promote sports and culture in the community by identifying talent among students. Football is a popular sport and schools requested Tata Power to support and promote this. A total of 30 students (including 16, 53% belonging  to unprivileged section) in age group between 14 to 16 years were selected to undergo one year training programme under guidance of Tata Football Academy, Jamsedhpur and local coaches. Tata Power provided sports materials to all selected students, several types of sports equipments for football training and a small gym been arranged for physical exercise. Students, parents and school management are grateful to Tata Power for all this assistance provided to promote football in Haldia. Out of these players two students (Mr. Dhanapati Hansdah and Mr. Sagen Tudu), who were undergoing training in this Football Academy, Haldia, have been selected for the State level.

 Mr. Dhanapati Hansdah Mr. Sagen Tudu

Brighter Future!

The adult literacy for contract workers (15 participants) has been conducted by employees of Jojobera on regular basis for an hour. The participants are oriented to learn basic Hindi language – read and speak apart from learning mathematics. Today, these participants are able to read and write on regular basis, those who even couldn’t identify Hindi alphabets/words are fluent with the language. Apart from the literacy program, this programme has also become a platform to discuss various social issues, challenges and possible solutions. The women members have formed a Self-Help Group (SHG) and started savings.


Hum Honge Kaamyab!

Tata Power sponsored the education of some of the unprivileged students at Jamshedpur in Vig Children English School, Govindpur.  These students are children of daily wage earners in Jamshedpur studying in a village school in Gorahbandha, Jamshedpur, run by local politician, which was only up to Class VI.  The history of this school is that maximum of the students after Class VI are drop outs. Tata Power ensured continued education up to Class XII for these students from 2010-2011 batch, with five times higher fee structure.  Today, they can write and speak in English. Their parents are delighted and thankful to Tata Power.



His ‘Mannat’ Came True!

Tata Power sometime back started a BPO Centre called Mannat. Pratik Jadhav was selected and joined the same in July 2009 as CCE for the pilot batch with no prior experience. Being with the BPO, he got a chance to hone his skills. Today, with two years of work experience, he has grown to the rank of a ‘Team Leader’.

During this tenure, he exhibited the willingness to learn the nuances of the trade and today he has proved that nothing is impossible. His personal life has shown a sea change, in terms of both personality development and financially.


Tailored The Art!

Five Girls, Anjali Sutar, Jahnabi Sahoo, Truptishree Dalai, Itishree Dalai and Bebina Behera from Orissa underwent the tailoring course in FY’11 sponsored by TATA Power. Today, they all are earning based on tailoring skills. Two are girls are now married and helping their families with their earnings. One girl is working in Tailoring shop while the other two girls have migrated to Gujarat living with their brothers and continuing with tailoring work.


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