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    "Makes sense to give poor same tariff irrespective of where they stay", Mr.Sethi's Interaction with Financial Express
    'Welspun Renewables deal is squeaky clean', Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power interaction with Mint
    Investor Presentation June 2017
    Analyst Call Presentation May 2017
    Tata's emphasis on solar & wind power
    Tata Power is completely geared up to roll out GST from 1 July: Anil Sardana
    Predictive analysis and real-time data is the key to safeguard the health of a power plant, Mr. Praveen Chorghade, Chief CTDS, Tata Power
    "Saving the Big Fish," The Frontline Magazine covers Tata Power's Mahseer Project
    "Have the Power to Change", Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power article in Economic Times
    "Tata Power plans to implement Cost Cuts", The Economic Times Interaction with Mr. Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power
    Consistent Monitoring Systems is vital to safeguard health of a Power Plant, Mr. P.Chorghade, Chief - CTDS, Tata Power article in Energetica India
    Uday has improved payment situation, not power offtake: Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD ,Tata Power interaction with The Economic Times
    Mr. Rahul Shah's interaction with Loksatta
    Is India renewable ready for smart city challenges? - EPR Magazine
    Mr. Sardana's interaction with Hindu Business Line
    Work is afoot to cut debt: Tata Power'- Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD Tata Power interaction with Mint
    "Private Sector participation can help improve operating efficiency", Mr. Ashok Sethi , COO & ED's Interaction with T & D Magazine
    'FIPB removal to encourage foreign investors', Mr. Anil Sardana's article in Financial Express
    "Tata Power to focus on renewable energy", Mr.Rahul Shah, CEO & Executive Director, TPREL Interaction with The Tribune
    Mr. Anil Sardana,CEO & MD, Tata Power, Interaction with Construction World
    "Adequate coal supply resulting in surplus", Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD - Tata Power, interaction with EPR magazine
    Analyst call Presentation November 2016
    20 People Who Made a Difference, Powerline Magazine
    Interview with Mr. Anil Sardana, Powerline Magazine
    Mr. Praveer Sinha's article featured in Power Magazine
    Mundra UMPP and Tala Transmission being featured as 20 best projects, Powerline Magazine
    Increading Efficiency, Powerline Magazine
    Investor Presentation October 2016
    Effective Project Management can Transform the Power Sector
    Interview with Anil Sardana
    Tata Power selected as the second biggest company for CSR in India in a study by The Economic Times
    Investor Presentation August 2016
    Analyst call Presentation August 2016
    Tata power to increase share of non-fossil fuel energy to 40% - The Times of India, Jharkhand
    Setting a uniform tariff is a regulatory matter - The Free Press Journal
    Mahseer: Swimming against all odds, The Political and Business Daily - 26 June, 2016
    "Consumer Demand Should be the mandate for Power Network & Development", Mr. Ashok Sethi, COO & Executive Director, Tata Power's interaction with Afternoon DC
    'Coal' Uday, Interaction with Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power with EPR Magazine
    "Share of renewable energy in our generation capacity will only grow bigger", Mr.Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power's Interaction with EPC world
    Tata Power, Project Reporter - July 2016
    Indian Power Sector & The Smart Cities Project
    Tata power to increase share of non-fossil fuel energy to 40%
    Power Info Bank
    Rising with small
    Analyst call Presentation June 2016
    "If non-serious players enter, renewable could go the telecom way", -Mr. Anil Sardana ,CEO & MD, Interaction with Hindustan
    What ails the Indian Power Sector?, Afternoon DC - 23rd May 2016
    Moving to safe waters, The Tribune - 5th May 2016
    Tata Power expects renewable energy to contribute 30-40% to portfolio by 2025, The Hindu business line
    Investor relation presentation for May 2016
    Analyst call Presentation May 2016
    What ails the Indian Power Sector
    Finding your own space under the sun, An article by Mr. Ashish Khanna, ED & CEO, Tata Power Solar in Hindu Business Line
    Challenging power scenario: Financial Chronicle
    The Power Paradox
    Transmission lines industry set for high growth, EPR - May, 2016
    We have taken too long to reform distribution sector, Mint - 9th May, 2016
    'Need to ramp up per capita power consumption', Mr. Anil Sardana's Interaction with The Hindu Business Line
    Interview with Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD, Tata Power - Renewable Watch
    Getting discoms into profit, Business India - May 2016
    Why Tata Power can be a turnaround template for Cyrus Mistry: Turnaround Template
    Tata Power says yes to uniform tariffs, for some
    "A good opportunity for industry & consumer" - Mr. Mahesh D Paranjpe, Chief - Hydro & Renewables Interaction with Power Today
    "Is Solar Power the next big thing ?", Interaction with Solar Today, March - April, 2016
    Investor relation presentation for March 2016
    AD of 40% may impede growth of wind, Energy Next - March 2016
    Budget Quote, EPC World - March 2016
    Clearance hurdles hold up M&A in Power sector, The Economic Times - Hindi - 30th March 2016
    Investment won’t come just because someone’s talking about it, Business Standard - 14th Mar 2016
    How India’s Largest Integrated Power Company Has Evolved In The Last Century-Afternoon Disptach-29th Feb 2016
    Saving the mighty mahseer, The Statesman - 25th February 2016
    Covering 250 Villages across 7 States, Construction Business Today - February 2016
    Investor relation presentation for January 2016
    Call transcript for Q3FY15
    Analyst call Presentation for Q3FY16
    Arutmin coal mine stake sale likely to be completed in next six-eight months, Mint - 11th February 2016
    Get Sharp - Mr.Anil Sardana's contribution in Power Today
    Coming together for 'Create in India', -Mr. Anil Sardana CEO & MD, Tata Power and Mr. Rahul Chaudhary ,CEO, Strategic Engineering Division's - Business Today, 24th Anniversary edition
    Tata power lighting up lives
    Case for Hydro, PowerLine - November 2015
    Bridging The Gap - Power Today
    C’est-la-Vie - Outlook Business
    Carrying Legacy into the future - Business Standard
    Grow your own talent - Economic Times Ascent
    Islanding Technique in Power Systems, the Way Forward - Sunday Standard
    Pioneering Green & Sustainable Infrastructure in electricity distribution in the power sector - Power Watch
    Tata Power planning capacity expansion - Financial Chronicle
    The Weak Link - Business Today
    Hydro Power on slow track - Power Today
    Grow your own Talent - Mr. Chetan Tolia, Chief HR Officer, Tata Power
    "India is among the top five in terms of investment in RE" - Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Power
    A Power Packed Century, Business India
    Mr Ramesh Subramanyam, Powerline - August 2015
    Mr. Anil Sardana ,CEO and MD , Interaction with Power Today
    Mr. Ashok Sethi , COO & Executive Director (Operations), Interaction with Power Today
    Critically Acclaimed, Power Today
    Conservation Project helps revive Mahseer in rivers, The Times of India - Pune
    The mahseer makes new friends - DNA
    Investor Presentation August 2015
    Mr. Praveer Sinha, MD-TPDDL featured as the Head of most innovative power distribution company, Power Today
    TPDDL featured as Most Innovative Power Distribution Company, Power Today
    Interview of Mr. Anil Sardana ,CEO& MD Tata Power with Powerline Magazine
    Once the Kalinganagar power plant and the Dugar hydroelectric in Himachal Pradesh are complete, the remaining projects are coming up slowly so there isn't any real investment on ground - Anil Sardana, MD & CEO
    Human Capital - Spinning the Invisible Web of Goodness - Mr Ashok Sethi
    There is no magic recipe to motivate individuals , Sushil Srivastava, Head-HR, TPDDL interaction with InfralinePlus
    Tata Power spreading wings outside india , Mr.Ramesh Subramanyam's ,CFO , Tata Power Interaction with Energy Publication Infraline Plus
    'Net Metering a viable option'- Mr.Praveer Sinha ,CEO, TPDDL article in the publication 'Energy Next'
    Fishy tales of swimming tigers
    Save the mighty mahseer
    Analyst Call Presentation May 2015
    Domestic Coal's Cheaper, But Supply Hasn't Improved - Mr. Anil Sardana CEO Tata Power
    Investor Presentation April 2015
    Saving the Mighty Mahseer
    "It's not business as usual for HR "– Mr. Chetan Tolia, Chief Human Resource Officer ,Tata Power article in Hindustan Times
    Investor Presentation January 2015
    "There is more reason to invest in wind than in solar" - Mr. Rahul Shah, CEO Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited interaction with The Financial Express
    Private Participation- critical for meeting India's renewable energy potential'- Mr. Anil Sardana's article in the October edition of Renewable Watch
    "The Fuel crises is a major drawback that the whole sector has been fighting against" –Mr. Anil Sardana’s Interaction with Powerline magazine
    'Tata Power looks to expand global footprint', Mr. Anil Sardana's Interaction with The Hindu
    "If power buyers pay extra now, we can compensate them later" - Mr. Anil Sardana, CEO & MD's interaction with The Hindu Business Line
    Mr. Anil Sardana's Interaction with Power and Energy Solution Magazine
    Mr.S.G.Patki's view on smart grids working as enabling engine for country's economy, environment and future
    Investor Presentation August 2014
    Distribution licence granted by MERC to The Tata Power Company Limited
    Transmission licence granted by MERC to The Tata Power Company Limited
    Investor Presentation July 2014
    Investor Presentation June 2014
    'Push Clean Energy with Innovation, Technology' - Mr. Anil Sardana, MD Tata Power in ET
    'There is a need to evolve a robust energy security policy for the country' - Mr. Anil Sardana, MD - Tata Power in an interaction with Power Today
    Quarterly Results Analyst Call Transcript
    Analyst Call Presentation May 2014
    Investor Presentation May 2014
    "There is a need to evolve a robust energy security policy for the country" - Mr. Anil Sardana - MD, Tata Power in an interaction with Power Today
    Energy Conservation through Energy Efficiency - Mr. Anil Sardana - MD, Tata Power in The Financial Express
    "Tata Power eyes SAARC, SE Asia, Africa for growth" – Mr. Anil Sardana, MD - Tata Power, interaction with PTI
    Top Indian cos shy off home turf, look abroad for growth
    Our Entire Profit is going to Operate Mundra UMPP
    Tata Power BPO provides Khopoli youth with jobs
    Saving up on energy
    Tata Power ready to connect many low-end customers
    Joy of Giving Back
    Investor Presentation February 2014
    Mr. Anil Sardana, MD Tata Power, in an interaction with Power Watch
    Tata Power's Akshay Urja Deep lights up lives of fishermen around the 4000 MW Mundra UMPP - Power Watch
    Investor Presentation December 2013
    Investor Presentation November 2013
    Fixing distribution is key- Bailouts will not help, reforms to make power production and purchase viable are a must - Article by Mr. Anil Sardana in Financial Express
    Investor Presentation October 2013
    It's a shame that situation now is not conducive to investment: Anil Sardana, MD - Tata Power, DNA
    “Private players’ contribution to sector growth needs to be appreciated” - Mr. Anil Sardana, MD - Tata Power
    Investor Presentation September 2013
    Tata Power uses technology to improve customer service in Mumbai
    Tata Power to develop 28.8 MW solar power project
    Investor Presentation August 2013
    Tata Power plan to generate 26,000 MW by 2020
    'Fall in imported coal prices has been offset by Re depreciation'
    Investor Presentation July 2013
    'Tata Power's growth is the result of the collective effort of our employees'
    There is a need to introduce a robust energy security policy in the country
    Interview with Anil Sardana
    Annual Report FY13
    Energy 'There is need for a robust energy security policy'
    "Compensatory tariff to help resolve impasse for imported coal based TPPs" - Mr. Anil Sardana, MD, Tata Power
    Mundra UMPP reflects Tata Power's commitment to the nation
    Quarterly Results Analyst Call Transcript
    Out of your cocoon yet? - Chetan Tolia, Chief HR Officer, Tata Power
    Analyst Call Presentation May 2013
    India Inc goes on green overdrive
    Opportunities abroad genuinely attractive: Tata Power’s Sardana
    Tata Power scouts for opportunities abroad
    Tata Power May Sell Shares in Clean-Energy Unit Next Year
    Investor Presentation April 2013
    India Inc will have to learn to live with risks abroad
    "Keeping the opportunity pipeline flowing"- Mr. Chetan Tolia's Interaction with Tata Review
    Lunch with BS: Anil Sardana
    Tata Eyes Coal Assets Freed By Global Fracking Boom
    Demand Side Management fits into the overall strategy of Tata Power
    Et tu, Tata Power?
    Either we reform fast or perish
    Investor Presentation March 2013
    Investor Presentation February 2013
    Analyst Call Presentation February 2013
    Investor Presentation January 2013
    Investor Presentation November 2012
    Analyst Call Presentation 2012
    Investor Presentation September 2012
    Annual Report FY12
    Contributory article by Mr. S Padmanabhan, ED - Operations, on 'Energy - its critical impact on earth at the Rio+20 summit'
    Contributory article by Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director, on Accelerate Distribution Reforms to energize Power Sector!
    Contributory article by Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director, on Acceleration of Distribution Reforms, Critical for Economic Growth!
    Contributory article by Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director, on Fuel Security for India
    Investor Presentation April 2012
    Investor Presentation March 2012
    Investor Presentation October 2011
    Contributory article by Mr. Anil Sardana in Deccan Herald, Groping for an energy security policy, as power supply dwindles
    AGM presentation - 2011
    Analyst Call Presentation 2011 - August 2011
    Analyst Call Presentation 2011 - May 2011
    Investor Presentation - April 2011
    APR FY 09-10 Public Hearing Presentation 16th April, 2010
    Cost of Climate Change during Financial Crisis
    Transmission Sector in India grappling with private investment
    Dedicated Transmission – A menace
    Coming full circle - The case for privatization of Power Distribution.
    Climate change and the purpose of growth
    Committed to the Crusade







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