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EV Charging solutions

Supporting the Indian Government's 'National electric mobility mission', Tata Power established the first set of Electric Vehicle charging stations in Mumbai - India's financial capital. Now present in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, our customized EV charging solutions form the infrastructure backbone for a growing EV ecosystem, and provide customers access to energy-efficient options with ease.

Our solution covers power supply, backend power supply infrastructure and customized EV charging solutions.


Smart Charging

with Tata Power Mobile

Last-mile charging

and battery swapping for 2 & 3 wheelers

  • Diverse charging standards and specifications.
  • Different electric vehicles categories and manufacturers.
  • Variety of usecase scenarios - EV Fleet charging solutions, Commercials Spaces & office charging, Public charging etc.

the latest technology

Smart charging with Tata Power Mobile

Tata Power EV Charging mobile app to provide EV owner the convenience of locating charging stations on aerial map, reserving charging slots, getting updates on charging, recommendations on time-of-day use and paying charges online!!

Charge up to
the last mile...

Charging and battery swapping two wheelers & three wheeler.

Help increase the life of batteries and ensure smooth journeys long distance

Tata Power established the first public Electric Vehicle charging stations in Mumbai - Making Mumbai EV ready!
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