Our National presence in solar and wind generation


Tata Power has a strong portfolio of 1705 MW of solar generation capacity.

It has recently commissioned a 100 MW solar plant at Anantapur Solar Park, Andhra Pradesh. It has also commissioned 150 MW in Pavagada, Karnataka, 30 MW at Palaswadi in Maharashtra and 25 MW in Charanka, Gujarat in 2017.

The Company had set up its first solar power plant of 110 kW, way back in 1996 at Walwhan in Lonavla. A 60.48 kWp solar power plant has been installed on the rooftop of one of the Company's offices in Mumbai in 2010 and the power generated by these solar panels takes part of the lighting load of the entire building announced the synchronisation of its 15 MW solar plant at Belampally in Telangana, thereby starting its commercial operations.


Tata Power has an installed capacity of 932 MW and plants spread across seven states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh leading in promoting wind power generation in India.

Recently, Tata Power's subsidiary, TPREL has commissioned 21 MW Vagarai wind Farm in Tamil Nadu, 100 MW in Nimbagallu, Andhra Pradesh, and 26 MW in Gujarat.

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