Plan. Protect. Enhance (PPE)

Tata Power deployed a ‘PPE’ strategy, further to our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), to safeguard its employees, stakeholders and the larger community from the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 extracted a huge toll on lives and livelihoods of millions of people in India and other parts of the world. It also severely impacted the Indian economy and all other industries including the power sector which observed a decline in electricity demand, disruption in the power supply chain and financial stress due to the lockdown. The worst decline was observed in the southern and western regions with national demand reducing by 19%. Despite being an essential service, the sector grappled with multiple challenges to serve power to the citizens.

At the onset of the pandemic, Tata Power experienced challenges across its business activities and operations. However, with the efforts of a dedicated workforce, we managed uninterrupted generation, transmission and distribution of power across the country. 70 renewable plants, 11 hydro generation and thermal plants of Tata Power, along with its transmission network across five cities ran at full capacity to ensure power supply across various locations during the pandemic.

The Tata Power Company Limited

A glimpse into Tata Power’s COVID-19 interventions


people supported with food grains, meal donation and Public Distribution System (PDS) linkages


migrant workers surveyed for essential service benefits

Distributed digital devices

to students across Delhi Government Schools to support education for all during the pandemic


people covered under health awareness, disinfectant spray and drinking water initiatives


masks created and distributed by women artisans at DHAAGA (Tata Power initiative) across states

Promoted self-meter reading

to ensure consumer safety


Tata Power employees contributed 1-day salary to Tata Community Initiative Trust for COVID-19 response

68,400 kgs

vegetable supplied by 5,000 Self Help Group members & farmers to local mandis

9,000 people

Across 71 location were covered by mobile dispensaries deployed by us

Powering through the pandemic

During the pandemic, Tata Power identified various challenges across its operations, workforce and communities as well as adopted strategic measures to combat identified adverse impacts. These measures are broadly categorised under our PPE approach (Plan. Protect. Enhance), which includes our robust BCP, protection of our workforce by ensuring adequate health and safety measures and contributions made towards the communities. It also focuses on the enhancement of our technological interventions to minimize COVID-19 risk and optimize our business operations.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic represented an unprecedented crisis, Tata Power through its robust BCP, ensured minimum impact of adverse events on its business activities and employees. The BCP supported our efforts to ensure our plants would run at full capacity. Furthermore, we implemented a ROTA system for employees, factoring in backups followed by dry backup teams who could take charge if one of the ROTA teams was impacted. Additionally, we are equipped with a workforce who are trained by continuous mock drills and disaster management exercises for possible emergency situations. Taking into account 'The New Normal' we have devised a long-term business continuity plan which accommodates risks such as plant locations declared as containment zones or disruption of supply chain and restricted mobility due to lockdowns.


  • Alternate access for mobility and basic supplies
  • Planning for minimum workforce confinement inside facility
  • Usage of e-platforms for managing businesses remotely
  • Identifying local expertise to perform onsite activities
  • Maintaining stocks of critical equipment and mutual agreement with industries for sharing them
  • Increasing fuel reserve period
  • Pooling inventory


Tata Power undertook various initiatives to assist its employees and contractual workforce during the pandemic.


  • Conduced vaccination drives, organized camps to conduct rapid antigen test drive at plant premises and ensured availability of oxygen, beds, ambulance, quarantine facilities, testing and injections in collaboration with Tata Medica, Mission Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Tata Motors Hospital, Tinplate Hospital and Tata Main Hospital. Vaccination for contract employees was also facilitated through tie-ups with government hospitals.
  • Provided benefits such as work from home and Group Term Life Insurance through a tie up with Mediassist and one-toone helpline to ensure employees' mental wellbeing.
  • Ensured the supply of emergency logistics and medicines to employees and their families during the lockdown. The initiative was extended to our retired employees.
  • Acquired approvals from regulatory authorities to allow the travel of employees in local trains
  • Created awareness among employees and contract work force while maintaining regular communication through virtual meetings to ensure transparency and emergency preparedness on critical risks. We also ensured wages to all workmen who could not report for duty during the lockdown
  • Ensured adherence to COVID-19 protocols by issuing guidelines for individuals, families, housing societies, offices and travelling. Post COVID-19 guidelines were also circulated to manage post-recovery vulnerabilities.
  • Provided advisory protocols on safety and precautionary measures regularly and frequent awareness sessions on COVID-19 by an in-house doctor
  • Launched a 24*7 helpline for employees to connect to the business HR team in case of any emergency
  • Ensured regular sanitisation and disinfection at all sites/ offices
  • Processed salaries on time and provided advance cash to our contractual workforce
  • Provided special attention to women employees with children
  • Ensured smooth operations by providing regular IT support
  • Partnered with institutions such as TMTC, TPSDI and Coursera for conducting virtual workshops to enhance the knowledge of our employees on safety, managerial skills and project management
  • Provided dedicated transport service to contract work force to ensure their health and safety
  • Conducted tele-OPD for the employees staying in Trombay colony and provided voluntary OPD facility for nonhospitalization expenses
  • Provided facilities like cashless mediclaim and medical advance to most of the COVID-19 positive cases at various corporate hospitals. We also provided special sick leaves for affected employees and a term policy with minimum premium
  • Prepared sanitizers in our DM plants and distributed to our employees
  • Provided PPE kits to security teams
  • Provided 24*7 occupational health center in plant premises for taking care of outsourced workmen with medicines, consultancy and health checkups.
  • Provided special COVID-19 leaves for employees who are tested positive
  • Formed emergency response teams at central and local levels to aid employees with all COVID related emergencies
  • Launched ‘Doctors Speak’ awareness session throughout the organization to address the concerns of employees related to COVID-19 and create awareness amongst them
  • Tied up with Hotel Siddharth at Jamshedpur to provide isolation centers and medical assistance to our COVID affected employees


occupational health center provided in plant premises

Doctors speak

awareness session launched


Tata Power, in liaison with government agencies took initiatives to strengthen the battle against COVID-19.


  • Requested Discoms to reduce the requirement of hard copies of Joint Meter Reading (JMR) as it became a challenge during the pandemic due to the safety protocols. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) also released an official circular for the same.
  • Ensured business continuity of organizations by requesting Discoms to adapt to e-meetings and e-hearings as restricted movement represented a challenge in conducting operations
  • Supported Haldia Development Authority with COVID healthcare facilities
  • Associated with Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India and ‘Khana Chahiye’ to initiate community kitchen operations enabling food and livelihood security in Mumbai amidst the lockdown
  • Provided 4,000 rapid Antigen kits and 3 oxygen concentrators to support district government authorities


rapid Antigen kits provided to support District Government Authorities


At Tata Power, caring for the community is an enduring commitment. We have rolled out initiatives for communities across various locations.


  • Distributed 7.00 lakh reusable masks and over 50,000 grocery kits, food, fruits and sanitisers to over 2.4 lakh workers across 10 states. Similarly, food packets and 1,000 masks were distributed across villages of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar.
  • Formed a Corona Village Disaster Management committee to ensure the health and safety of villagers.
  • Supported anganwadi sevikas, health workers and field animators throughout the course of the pandemic
  • Enabled 39.49 lakh worth order of tailoring & stitching, essence sticks and mushroom farming for women Special Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Conducted COVID-19 general awareness sessions by putting banners, leaflets and initiatives like “COVID Rath”.
  • Provided medicines to local primary health care centers in Gujarat, benefitting ~300 households
  • Prepared and distributed food for more than 9,000 labourers and slum dwellers with the help of government officials
  • Efforts were made by Mumbai transmission team to remove the overhead conductor and make way for the 1,000 bed make-shift COVID-19 hospital at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) ground.
  • Distribution of ration/grocery kits including daily essentials to over 2,500 beneficiaries was done by TPDDL with the support of Tata Realty, who distributed nutrition and hygiene kits to 1,000 migrant workers across Delhi.
  • TPDDL, in partnership with the Delhi Government, sponsored 3 lakh meals to underprivileged communities and migrant workers. We also coordinated with Taj Hotels and provided 4,000+ meals/day to doctors, nurses, medical staff and COVID-19 patients in government hospitals in Delhi.
  • TPDDL along with Tata Motors provided manpower to disinfect 500 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses and 1,000 auto rickshaws daily during lockdown.
  • TPDDL ensured continuous portable water supply to over 1 lakh people every day and operated and maintained RO plants at 22 locations, 8 Jhuggi Jhopri clusters and 14 government schools which were all converted into isolation wards and shelter homes
  • Initiated helplines to implement COVID-19 relief packages and benefitted ~45,000 people.
  • Provided tele-medical facility for maternal and child health services to 5,000 people with partnership of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).
  • Provided 500 home isolation kits, 3 machines for sanitization at adjoining villages, 10,000 RAT kits to district administration and 300 beds and mattresses to COVID care hospital set up by district administration
  • Supported farmers with paddy seeds to ensure food security and enhance livelihood options during the pandemic which benefitted 1,350 farmers.
  • Provided thermal scanners, disposable masks and grocery items to police station and tahsildar office at Karjat
  • Provided bus facility for villagers to get vaccinated at Patnus gram panchayat
  • Assisted government hospital at Shiroli to establish vaccination center in Patnus by providing one nursing assistant, one computer system, 3 beds, PPE kits for staff and transportation facility
  • Distributed over 6,100 PPE kits, 15,250 immunity booster herbal support items, 7,625 hand sanitizers, 30,500 filter based SHG-95 Masks and 12,200 tablets across regions in the country
  • Donated over 2,000 oxygen concentrators at Odisha and Delhi through Tata COVID-19 task force. We also provided 5,000 oximeters, 5 generators and 250 cylinders along with PPE kits and sanitizers to Delhi.
  • Contributed `3.5 lakh to art of living foundation for facilitating virtual sessions on COVID resilience mind sets and techniques
  • Enabled over 100 SHG women to produce technically superior filter-based cotton masks (SHG-95) by collaborating with the innovative Billion Social Masks Alliance and produced over 20,000 masks as a part of the first phase.
  • All our employees contributed to a fund to support around 350 families with 2 week ration during lockdown in Karandih, Gadra and nearby locations
  • Shared video clips to bust the myths associated with COVID by using a network of 2,500 SHG members
  • Provided passes to vehicles with advocacy from APMC for carrying out agricultural activities during lockdown which led to marketing of 80 tons of melons and generated income of `8 lakh to 50 farmers


oxygen concentrators donated at Odisha and Delhi


We ensured that adequate measures are taken to manage the COVID-19 crisis across all our sites/locations.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • TP Ajmer Distribution Limited – Implemented COVID-19 protocols such as social distancing, wearing masks, thermal screening and glass partitions, among others to avoid direct contact with consumers and ensured these measures were being strictly followed at the consumer service centre
  • Maithon Power Limited – Executed the annual overhaul activity of unit 2 by strictly adhering to COVID-19 SOPs at site. The activity was planned in a phased manner with an established quarantine centre. We ensured all workmen were shifted to the hostel only after 100% RT-PCR tests were conducted. This was followed by a safety induction training at TPSDI and continuous monitoring by the medical team till the end of the activity
  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited – Conducted COVID-19 management in an appropriate manner by constituting an Apex Committee for regular monitoring of initiatives. A ROTA system was implemented along with several initiatives for the workforce such as work from home, work from site, adhering to Health & Safety SOPs, disposable PPE kits for lineman, mapping of operation staff, hostel facility and ensuring adequate quantity and availability of protective gears and medicines
  • Tata Power Haldia Plant – Conducted COVID-19 awareness sessions with Self Help Groups in neighbouring villages.
  • Coastal Gujarat Power Limited – Coordinated with authorities for plying of fodder trucks in the field along with providing uninterrupted supply of water for fishermen and preparing masks for distribution. We also conducted several awareness sessions towards government schemes such as PM Garibkalyan Yojna for extra food support
  • Provided 50 oxygen cylinders at Mangaon and Mulshi, 6 at Jamshedpur and 10 at KPO facility along with 30 oxygen concentrators at Maithon, 5 at Pratapgarh, 6 at Neemuch, 3 at Prayagraj, 2 at Jojobera and 2 at KPO facility. COVID resilience kits were also distributed across 64 sites.

Business Operations

Despite the challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to run our operations at optimal level by endeavoring power connectivity across all locations.


  • Ensured availability of critical spares at ~70 sites across 11 states, despite the restriction of movement during the lockdown by coordinating with communities as well as local, district and state authorities.
  • Achieved a minimum downtime of critical equipment by making safe accommodation arrangements for contracts and employees at the control room.
  • Promptly obtained necessary permissions and resumed our operations at all project locations amidst the lockdown ensuring seamless business activity.
  • Provided accommodations to workers and other staff members to resume work and avoid their interaction with the community to ensure their health & safety
  • Enhanced our operations by expanding our manufacturing facilities with high degree of automation. This was carried out with the support of our engineers and officials in Germany through telephonic conversations and video conference.
  • Provided green power to new shops, household consumers and a bucket manufacturing plant at Bakhara village of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar
  • Successfully executed the first-ever transportation of solar modules by rail to National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSU) project site in Rajasthan.
  • Ensured adherence to Government Regulations of restricted mobility by appealing our customers to use digital platforms for making payments. Our customer touchpoints were also operated with limited resources via e-mail and SMS.
  • Initiated a social media challenge of taking a pledge with a single action and posting a picture of the same. This challenge was named as #MyTataPowerPledge.
  • Our employees focussed on optimising our business operations diligently. They continued to work at remote sites on a shift basis and 400 of them volunteered to contribute over 800 hours in TPSSL.
  • Ensured 100% adherence to operations and maintenance schedules of the plants and completed 3 annual shutdowns successfully.
  • Regularly conducted COVID-19 Task force meetings, Crossfunctional Team (CFT) audits and tabletop exercise to ensure preparedness level at site
  • Formed COVID Core Committee at Jamshedpur to carry out health care responsibilities.

Innovation & Technological Advancements

Tata Power adopted a variety of technological innovations across its business activities to combat the challenges of COVID-19, thus ensuring the safety of its employees and enhancing our ability to create value.

  • Integrated portable cameras, apps and CCTV surveillance on the mobile for remote diagnosis and safety of our workforce.
  • Equipped with UV-C sanitization boxes for disinfecting portable tools and electronic items, among others at Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Mumbai.
  • Installed a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser for sanitising hands without touching at Industrial Energy Limited (IEL), Kalinganagar
  • Established an extended control room for addressing concerns related to operations of Boiler Turbine & Generator (BTG) equipment and logistical challenges. It was also used as a substitute for central control room in case of any COVID-19 case.
  • Installed UV-C sanitisation system to disinfect the surfaces and various other regular use items. A portable form of this system was also installed to sanitize the electronic instruments at offices.
  • Installed a tabletop social distancing device at T&D Mumbai that buzzed in case of any breach in adhering to the protocol.
  • Installed a tabletop social distancing device at T&D Mumbai that buzzed in case of any breach in adhering to the protocol.
  • Enhanced the surveillance and automatic analysis of videos at remote sites by integrating Artificial Intelligence in our CCTV camera network. It also ensured social distancing, compliance to PPE and safety rules.
  • Implemented digital aspects for operational activities to avoid physical contact


adherence to operations and maintenance schedule of plant