Strategically positioned to deliver
value and empower lives

As India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power is committed to its vision to ‘Empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions’. We prioritise long-term value creation to deliver sustainable outcomes and equitable benefits to all our stakeholders. In FY21, we conducted a 360 degree review of business impact on all our stakeholders, bringing the Environment Social and Governance (ESG) paradigm and commitment to carbon neutrality to the core of our business strategy.

At Tata Power, we have an established and integrated approach to formulate and implement a purpose driven strategy. We conduct an annual strategy review, enabling efficacious performance assessment, evaluation of the current strategy and establishing avenues to capitalize on our stakeholder’s needs. A thorough assessment of our existing business activities as well as their interdependence is conducted with regard to the evolving external and regulatory environment, geo-political challenges, macro economic environment and innovation, among others. Our 4 phase approach representing a feedback loop supports the seamless and effective implementation of our strategy and forms the core of our strategic planning process.

Tata Power’s Vision

Empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

Our Values


Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority


Care for Environment, Shareholders, Customers (both existing and potential), our Community and our People (our Employees and Partners)


Speed, Responsiveness and being Proactive, achieved through Collaboration and Empowering Employees


Building future ready skill sets through learning and training. Maximise usage of e-learning platforms


Achieve the most admired standards of Ethics through Integrity and mutual trust

Translating promise into action

We understand that progress in sustainability is driven by enhancing value generated for our stakeholders. Building on our vision, we aim to understand our role in society, our ability to facilitate enhanced economic activity, progress towards holistic development and ultimately augment our capabilities to create value. A strong foundation of our values guided by our vision and customer-centric approach, enables us to SCALE new heights and establish robust Strategic Business Objectives (SBOs) through an interactive feedback loop. We then leverage our key businesses to strategically translate our SBOs into longterm sustainable outcomes

Tata Power’s Customer-Centric Approach

SCALE new heights

Feedback loop

Our Strategic Business Objectives and targets


Profitable scale-up of Renewables, Distribution, Services and Energy Solutions business


  • Increase share of clean and green energy in Company's portfolio to 80% by FY30
  • 40 million customer base across distribution businesses by FY26
  • Being the leading EV charging network provider in India with over 1 lakh chargers installation by FY26


Focus on Sustainability with an intent to attain carbon neutrality


  • Attain Carbon Neutrality before 2050
  • Reduce specific fuel consumption by improving operational efficiency
  • Benchmark in waste management (Gainful fly ash utilisation)


Maintaining financial leverage at targeted levels


  • Strengthening of balance sheet by reducing debt to a more sustainable level
  • Adopt debt-light models through innovative financial engineering and restructuring


Leverage digital platforms to drive new customer centric businesses


  • Establish digital platforms for new businesses like EV Charging, Home Automation and Energy Services
  • Leveraging data analytics to deliver customized solutions and Value Added Services (VAS) to customers
  • Generating insights from various customer data across businesses to improve offerings


Develop future energy products and solutions


  • Focus on adapting and introducing new models for satisfying energy needs of the customers
  • Becoming the one stop solution provider for varied customer needs on energy through integrated offerings


Create an engaged, agile, customer centric and future ready workforce


  • Enhancing employee engagement and targeting to be amongst the employers of choice
  • Building organizational capabilities to drive customer-centricity
  • Create next generation leaders
  • Focus on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Nurture existing core competencies and build new competencies in the areas of innovation, technology and digital platform


Minimizing coal cost under recovery in CGPL


  • Optimising the coal cost under recovery through better coal sourcing, optimal blending and freight management
  • Operating plant at optimum efficiency levels and achieving better operational parameters


Set new benchmarks in operational excellence and financial returns for existing businesses


  • Achieve benchmark performance in various operational parameters in Thermal and Hydro plants
  • Maximise incentives in regulated business
  • Operating RE portfolio at benchmark and above design parameters to increase the yield
  • AT&C loss reduction in Odisha Discoms
  • Improve asset performance by maximizing digital initiatives

Leveraging our strategic business objectives to power a sustainable future


Solar and wind generation, Solar cell and module manufacturing, Utility scale EPC, Floating Solar, microgrids Solar rooftop and pumps

Conventional Energy Generation

Hydroelectric, Thermal and Waste Heat Recovery Plants

Transmission & Distribution

Transmission services, Distribution services, Demand Side Management programmes, Energy Management Solutions, SMART meters

Primary Services Business

O&M Management Services

Project Management Services

Corporate Management Services

Next generation power solutions

EV Charging solutions, Home automation, Smart electrical appliances, Battery storage, Round-theclock renewables, Hybrid renewables

Power Trading

Trading power through exchanges

Aspirations that drive us forward

At Tata Power, we are always inspired by the challenges and opportunities and strive to energize our customers for smart, future ready energy solutions. We take conscious and measurable actions to transform our business in response to the evolving needs and preferences of our stakeholders. Additionally, we take cognizance of the diverse range of stakeholder perspectives to build our strategy and strengthen our performance.


Pursue 2 GW of solar and hybrid capacities annually to grow from 4 GW to 15 GW

353 Villages to be empowered through microgrids

Expand clean and green capacity* to 60%


Achieve 100% water neutrality and zero waste to landfill (biodegradable)

Positively impact 30 million lives


Achieve clean & green capacity* of 80%

Pursue 2 GW of solar and hybrid capacities annually to grow more than 25 GW


Achieve carbon neutrality

Become 100% water positive

*Clean & green Capacity – Includes wind, solar, hydro and waste heat gas based capacity