Integrated Annual Report 2021-22
More Power through innovation

We are transitioning ourselves into a B2C player, offering future-ready and smart power to our customers. Through our differentiated offerings, continuous innovation, and smart energy solutions, we are delivering uninterrupted power supply and beyond-the-meter services to ensure utmost customer convenience and delight.

Distribution customer base

7.47 lakh


1.57 lakh


18.82 lakh


95.19 lakh


Key linkages

Material topics

  • Future ready and business continuity
  • Customer relationships

Customer centricity

Our routine operations are driven by our endeavour to earn the affection of our customers by delivering superior value and enrich experience thereby making them our ambassadors. We have also adopted a 3D approach to ensure that we incorporate Tata Power’s ‘Customer Promise’, which is communicated through our Corporate Customer Service Policy. This resonates with our commitment to continuously exceed customer expectations and be the most admired organisation in the power industry.

The policy is in alignment with the Tata Group Customer Promise and can be accessed in the Tata Power website

Our 3D approach

Develop insights
into customer needs

Deliver quality products
and services

Delight customers
with great experience

We constantly evaluate the needs of our customers and integrate various measures of convenience into our daily interactions and operations.

Some on-ground initiatives we have undertaken in the recent past include:

  • Revamping IVR system, making it easier for consumers to connect with an agent
  • Providing bills to consumers on WhatsApp to reduce overall cycle time and avoid paper usage
  • Option for customers to access their bills in vernacular languages such as Marathi
  • Offers on bill payments through prominent Wallets like Amazon Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm
  • Introduction of webchat-integrated chat bot
  • 'Varishtha Nagrik - Sanmman Seva’ initiative in which senior citizen customers in Mumbai can avail doorstep bill payment through cheque pick-up service
  • Recognition and felicitation of consumers registered for Green Power
  • Celebration of occasions such as ‘International Women’s Day’ with customers

5.7 lakh

Digital bills in FY22

1.65 lakh

Consumers availing bills on WhatsApp

Empowering customers with ‘Ujala’

Reinforcing our commitment to being an inclusive and caring service provider, we have introduced ‘Ujala’, which provides free-of-cost Braille-led electricity bills for visually challenged customers in our Mumbai circle.

Through this, the customers availing the facility will be empowered to understand the various components of their power supply bill, such as their consumer number, billed units, registered consumer details, bill due date, amount payable and others. The ease in understanding will also enable such consumers in making choices towards energy conservation and sustainable energy usage.

Engagement touchpoints and initiatives

We have several physical and digital touchpoints we use to interact and engage with our customers. These include:

  • Tata Power Customer Portal
  • Tata Power Mobile Application
  • Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Kaizala)
  • SMS and email communication to consumer base
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Displaying posters and distributing pamphlets at customer relations centre
  • Personalised communication with HRB consumers through key account managers
  • Camps at various C&I premises and residential societies to promote digital literacy and green tariff
  • Message to consumers on monthly bills + advertisement on bills
  • Programmes under Club Enerji, a unique initiative of Tata Power-DDL, based on the maxim of ‘Collaborating to Conserve’. Under this initiative, we conduct sessions on energy conservation and awareness to effect attitudinal and behavioural changes among the residents of our distribution area. We undertake this through support of various schools in the area, and under Club Enerji Phase-XIV, 59,416 students have been sensitised.

In FY22, sessions were conducted at Mumbai Port Trust and visits were arranged for key clientele to highlight aspects of our green energy value chain. The visits were also facilitated to clients to our Power Systems Control Center (PSCC). Further, online technical training sessions for 278 technicians of HRB consumers were arranged at TPSDI.

During the year, we launched Know Your Electricity Consumption (KYEC), as part of our value-added services to help consumers monitor and analyse energy usage. KYEC helps consumers keep a track of various parameters such as daily and hourly consumption details, maximum demand levels, power and load factors.

Service reliability

Our extensive distribution networks require constant monitoring to ensure minimal downtime and reliable power availability to our customers. We undertake several initiatives to achieve this, including:

  • Preventive maintenance - Preparation and execution of Annual Patrolling Program as per IMS criteria
  • Utilisation of new technologies to strengthen the operations, such as:
    • Drone Patrolling for operational excellence
    • Tower Patrolling App deployment across all sites for centralised monitoring and digitalisation of all O&M patrolling formats
    • Using Distometer (tool) for electrical clearance measurement and to avoid tripping
  • Motorised tree pruner to eliminate the risk of working at height and aiding to a reliable line
  • Creating community awareness on adverse impact of construction under line and advance intimation to authorities
  • Jan-Jagriti Abhiyaan at sites
  • Timely disbursement of crop compensation amounts as per government norms with details/guidelines

Data privacy

We have an established data privacy policy ( in place to address concerns about data storage and the measures taken to safeguard customer information. Customers can also submit their complaints or concerns regarding data privacy through our various grievance redressal channels, which are regularly monitored. During FY22, we did not receive any complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy or any identified leaks, thefts or losses of consumer data.

Health, safety and security

Electricity is a critical resource that mandates highest levels of safety and precaution in its handling. At Tata Power, we ensure that safety norms are established and followed across our value chain and extended to all stakeholders who either deliver or receive our services. For example, all employees related to operations and maintenance of power plants across generation, transmission and distribution are trained to use appropriate and relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are expected to undergo annual health check-ups. Additionally, as a continuous procedure, we ensure health and safety communication for 100% of our products and services through safety signage in and around our substations in customer premises and public places.

We also provide appropriate information to market and label our products and services with relevant regulations, laws and codes. In FY22, there have been no incidents of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes concerning product information and labelling as well as marketing communication.

Feedback and satisfaction

At Tata Power, we have integrated a structured process for customers to raise their concerns and voice their feedback. Our systems ensure that any customer complain is reviewed and resolved within 24 hours of registration. If the resolution is not satisfactory, the customers can also approach our internal grievance redressal cell.

Real-time monitoring and fast feedback through maRC
We have developed and implemented the in-house ‘mobile-GIS assisted system for Restoration and Care (maRC)’ application, an innovative and cost effective solution powering digitalisation in technical complaint management.

Through maRC, the technical crew’s availability at a customer location can be tracked on a real-time basis, and once the complaint is resolved by the technician(s), the maRC system sends an SMS to the customer, who can readily rate the service on the platform.

Across our customer facing units (specifically our distribution arms), we also undertake annual customer surveys to understand their overall satisfaction levels and ascertain our own improvement areas.

Low-carbon business offerings for customers

To enable our customers with future-ready and green solutions, we have unveiled several low-carbon business offerings that are witnessing significant traction. They play a key role in defining the Tata Power of tomorrow, and in redefining India’s energy consumption landscape.

Creating the utility of the future

We are bringing together smart and green choices for our retail customers through our #DoGreen initiative, powered by the motto of ‘Do little things today, to make a greener tomorrow’. The four prongs of this initiative are:

Creating smart homes of tomorrow through smart switches converters and controllers

Empowering smart mobility solutions for tomorrow through India’s largest infrastructure of charging stations

Smart Meter

Creating energy management solutions through digitally enabled metering

Green Power

Enabling sustainable energy consumption through Tata Power Renewables


We have pioneered the installation of scalable microgrids in India, and have covered substantial ground in the past two years. Microgrids enable power availability in villages and townships, and are distributed in their nature. Powered predominantly by solar and other renewable sources, we have deployed microgrids in 191 sites in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Scaling a steep learning curve of operating in rural India across the past two years, we have identified relevant and frugal innovations that can address challenges in rural power supply and energy usage. Through technology‑led initiatives, we strive to make significant and positive social, economic and environmental impacts in the rural ecosystem.

One such notable innovation is ‘Microgrid-in-a-Box’, along with a compact and resilient inverter technology at more than 30 microgrids. Similarly, we have also developed an in-house remote monitoring solution ‘i-Tap’ for various plant performance parameters, which has been deployed at more than 50 microgrids. Further, to enhance safety and security of our microgrid plant assets, a local hooter along with the facility enabling remote calls to designated persons has been has been mass implemented at more than 100 microgrids.

Other selected initiatives include:

Solar pumps

We empower the farming community by helping them transition from conventionally diesel-powered to solar‑powered agricultural pumps. These pumps are critical in supporting field irrigation and supplying potable water for communities, while drawing water from multiple underground water sources. We are targeting the installation of more than 5 lakh pumps across India by FY27.

Rooftop solar

We have been consistently ranked the #1 solar rooftop player in India for the past eight years (by Bridge to India). Till date, we have installed 950 MW of rooftop solar capacity and have served 30,000 customers across 100 cities

100+ cities

serving 30,000 customers

Becoming an energy partner

As part of our transition to a B2C power company, we have innovated and introduced several solutions that help us play a partnering role for our customers.

EV charging

We are taking the lead in India for installing the largest number of EV charging stations across the country. We are helping drive seamless EV charging experiences for customers across various public and private spaces including homes, offices, malls, hotels and retail outlets. Today, we are present in 352 cities and 3,000+ homes and have installed 2,200+ public EV charging points. Our EV charging initiative would save an estimated 2 million tonnes in CO2 emissions on a per year basis.


Public EV charging points across 352 cities

Home automation

Tata Power EZ Home (Home Automation brand of Tata Power) provides unique value proposition to its users such as remote operations, voice-based control, energy analytics, appliance overload protection and timer settings. The most demanding and unique value proposition of our smart home solution is energy management based on energy analytics. Users can save upto 20% of electricity bills by utilising the energy management features.

The brand has established its pan India presence through availability on all the major e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and Croma online), modern retail stores (such as Croma) and authorised channel partners.

65+ cities

Tata Power EZ Home authorised channel partner presence/reach


ESCO is our 360-degree smart energy solution, envisaging integrated energy as a service (EaaS). It’s an enterprise‑level solution for large industrial and commercial clients helping them embrace digitalisation in power management. ESCO deployment helps them monitor their energy usage and savings, and subsequently enables reduction of carbon footprint through lower energy consumption. During the year, solutions were offered across geographies and many innovative use cases were successfully developed which offer tremendous scaling up potential. The integrated solutions aimed to meet present, latent and future energy needs of clients.

20 projects+

Successfully delivered during the year for energy intensive sectors/applications

Customer-centric, climate-friendly initiatives

Demand-side management (DSM) and energy efficiency programmes

Our DSM initiative entails cooperative activities between our consumers and us for optimum and judicious end-use of electricity. At Tata Power, we have a dedicated DSM cell, and we approach this fairly unique programme through a four-pronged process:

In the past three years, we have saved 16,554 MWh of power through the DSM programme (1,976 MWh of energy savings recommendations provided in FY22) and have helped our consumers save 4,000 MWh and shifted 2 MW load in FY22. The components of this programme include:

With the launch of our ‘Be Green’ programme, we also help our consumers exchange their existing appliances for energy efficient appliances at a large discount, by partnering with leading electronics manufacturers. Till date, we have enabled the exchange of 25,000 appliances, and in FY22, 6,500 appliances were delivered through this initiative.

Digitalisation - 100% paperless processes

Through our Maitri platform, we enable convenient and hassle-free bill payments. Today over 86% of our consumers make their payments digitally

Similarly, we have enabled our customers to undertake their transactions via standing instruction, powered by NACH. Over 45,000 customers make e-payments via this facility. These initiatives have helped achieve an estimated total avoidance of 50 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Empowering customers through technology, innovation and RE

We are helping our customers adapt to new energy realities through digital technologies and climate‑friendly initiatives. Some of them include:

Smart grid technologies

We deploy smart metering to facilitate more accurate, real-time and transparent reading of consumer electricity usage, and in turn contribute to energy efficiency. We also capitalise on technologies such as IoT, and grid-scale storage. We were the first distribution utility in Mumbai to initiate smart metering for our consumers, and till date we have completed the installation of 3.75 lakh smart meters (in Mumbai and Delhi only). The deployment of smart meters have resulted in several benefits including asset health monitoring, reduction in billing queries and overall customer empowerment. At the operational end, the smart metering system has also integrated seamlessly with our SAP billing, CRM and GIS system. We have also built a smart meter lab in our distribution area for competency building of field technicians.

Green power supply

As part of our collective green ambitions, we are supporting our customers in becoming fully RE100 compliant by offering them 100% green power at a marginal additional tariff. Further, we also recognise the net zero efforts of our customers by issuing Green Energy certificates. We have pioneered this concept first in Maharashtra and are scaling this model basis the rising demand.

We are also developing 225 MW of hybrid renewables as part of our green power solutions

Clean Energy International Incubation Centre (CEIIC)

Taking forward the national and global ambitions on clean energy, we are powering India’s first-of-its-kind Clean Energy Lab for start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators, offering complete “lab to market” incubation support to clean energy enterprises. The CEIIC is a joint initiative by Tata Power, Tata Trusts and the Government of India.