Integrated Annual Report 2021-22
Strategy for clusters
Charting segmental growth roadmap

To ensure broad-based, profitable and sustainable growth, we have charted out the opportunities, strategy and enablers for our four key business clusters – generation, transmission and distribution, renewables and new age energy solution business.


Our Renewables cluster consists of utility scale solar, wind and hybrid assets, manufacturing of solar modules and cells, solar EPC business and solar pumps. India has indicated a total installation of 500 GW of solar and wind by 2030 and we expect nearly 30 GW of capacity to be awarded each year to achieve this target. Our Renewables business expects to capitalise on this substantial demand, and hence, forms a key part of our future roadmap.

Key focus areas

Retain leadership

in utility scale EPC, solar pumps, and solar rooftops

Achieve best-in-class

efficiency and yield through operational excellence, project execution, automation, and sustainability

Commission and operate 4 GW

cell and module line by FY24 as greenfield expansion

Sustain best‑in‑class project execution

through speed, cost optimisation, standardisation and digitalisation

New age energy solutions

Our new age energy solutions cluster plays an instrumental role in ensuring long-term business sustainability, and in enabling our transition to a greener, customer-focused power provider. The cluster comprises our rooftop solar, EV and home automation verticals

Rooftop solar

We have consistently grown our rooftop solar market share, order book and revenue. We have a market opportunity to enhance our portfolio size multiple times. We will be enabled by a conducive external environment, driven by the value proposition of solar, increased government push and regulatory support, increased corporate pull in the wake of climate change, and access to capital. In the near term, we will focus on leveraging our brand, utilising channels, tapping into white spaces, profitability, and productivity, and contributing to 2x growth in the portfolio.

EV charging

The EV ecosystem is burgeoning in India, and we intend to play a key role in enabling this growth. We plan to tap the market opportunity driven by the government's push on electric cars, buses and OEMs, a strong partner ecosystem, and digitally enabled customer experience.

Home automation

We have established our presence in the home automation market, delivering a complete range of value-led products. We have been enabled by our multi‑channel play across retail, direct, e-commerce, new products and through our Discoms. The home market has a significant potential to grow in size. To utilise this opportunity, we will focus on effective demonstrations, creation of awareness, building preference for the ‘EZ Home’ brand, and delivering best-in-class customer service.

Transmission and distribution

Our T&D business serves over 12 million customers across 4 states and UT in India and has 3,500+ circuit km of transmission lines. In the long-term, the business expects to achieve its objectives under the SOAR strategy :

Showcasing capability to transform both urban and rural geographies in distribution

Observe zero fatality across all entities

Achieving a multi-fold growth over baseline

Reaching a customer base in excess of 40 million and transmission capacity in excess of 10,000 ckt km

Key focus areas


of Odisha Discoms at a faster pace

Ensuring cost

reflective tariffs across distribution business and amortisation of regulatory assets

Operational efficiency

enhancement through use of TQM

Automation and digitalisation

of processes and service delivery

Focus on innovation

to reduce capex requirement

Value added

services to customers

Focused growth

in transmission business

Key actions and enablers

Exploring opportunities under PPP/DF/delicensing to expand customer base

Tariff-based competitive bidding and M&A opportunities for transmission projects

Developing product suite and exploring opportunities for smart metering and other solutions

Exploring smart grid and energy management services


We have our conventional generation assets (including hydro assets in Mumbai) spread across North, West and East India, with a combined capacity of over 10,000 MW. Our primary objective in the short-to‑medium term is the operation of our assets at benchmark levels with safety to provide competitive and sustainable power to customers. Our strategy is underlined by our adaptation to energy transition and sustenance, and our ability to deliver affordable and reliable power.

Key focus areas

Operational excellence

Reduction in heat rate, auxiliary power consumption, forced outage


Using digitalisation and analytics to enhance efficiency and reliability


Enhancing plant flexibility to enable grid stability


Reducing environmental footprint

Key actions and enablers

Benchmarking sustainability performance via carbon net zero, enhancement of clean and green capacity, benchmark water and waste management, flexibilisation, and deployment of new technology

Compliance to MoEFCC mandates through flue gas desulphurisation, NOx abatement project implementation, specific water consumption reduction, afforestation, initiatives for biodiversity and ash utilisation

Enhancing people capabilities through targeted development plans and creating a future-ready workforce

Securing financial fitness by achieving long-term solution for Mundra, together with cost optimisation

Creating shareholder value with a focus on improving RoE, operational excellence and unit availability, and adhering to stakeholder engagement plan