Business at a glance

A leading market disruptor in sustainable energy

As India’s largest Integrated Power Company, Tata Power continues to honour its 106-year old legacy by being committed to ‘Lighting Up Lives’ for generations to come. Bringing in competency, capturing new opportunities and driving innovation-led change, we have strengthened our position in the new phase of the power industry’s dynamic growth.

Our diverse portfolio is suitably geared to enable India’s green and smart transition. As an industry leader, we actively participate and regularly interact with government bodies, institutions, NGOs, industry players across several member platforms to stay in sync with the ever-changing business landscape, and we actively participate in policy advocacy.

Our Business

Renewable Energy Generation
EV Charging Infrastructure
Conventional Energy Generation
Solar Water Pump
Solar EPC Projects

Our Inspiration


Our vision is to empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

Values – SCALE

  • Safety
    Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority.

  • Care
    Care for stakeholders – our environment, customers and shareholders – both existing and potential, our community and our people (our employees and partners).

  • Agility
    Speed, responsiveness and being proactive, achieved through collaboration and empowering employees.

  • Learning
    Building future ready skill sets through learning and training. Maximise usage of
    e-learning platform.

  • Ethics
    Achieve the most admired standards of ethics, through integrity and mutual trust.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our Vision through:

  • Keeping the customer at the centre of all we do.

  • Operating assets and executing projects at benchmark level through technology and innovation.

  • Sustainable growth with a focus on profitability and market leadership.

  • Creating an empowered workforce driven by passion and purpose.

  • ‘Leadership with Care’ for all stakeholders.

Value Generation

  • Power Supply

    Along with supplying uninterrupted power, Tata Power provides beyond-the-meter services to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Solar Rooftop

    Tata Power is maximising the utility of idle rooftop space by providing EPC solutions to residential, commercial/ industrial and institutional consumers across India.

  • Solar Microgrids

    Tata Power has set its sights on overcoming the pervasive challenge of scaling up an innovative microgrid model to provide clean, reliable and economic power to millions of rural households and enterprises.

  • EV Charging

    Tata Power is establishing energy-efficient charging infrastructure to ensure India is EV-ready for the transition to green mobility.

  • Home Automation

    Tata Power is reducing the carbon footprint of individual consumers by increasing the energy-efficiency of household appliances and enabling remote monitoring and operation, thereby enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

  • Solar Pumps

    A range of solar pumps are also available to empower the community in alignment with renewed focus of the Government of India.

Details of our memberships are listed in Integrated Report Annexures.
We currently have 54 subsidiaries (including 7 foreign based), 30 Joint Ventures (JV) and 5 associates, details of which are provided in Integrated Report Annexures.