Response to COVID-19

Track. Adapt. Transform. Achieve.

The advent of the global pandemic, COVID-19, has accentuated the need for sustainability to be ingrained at the heart of our business operations. Apart from the acute health impacts, COVID-19 has also severely affected business operations and the economy across the globe.

Leveraging our commitment to ‘Responsible Growth’, Tata Power has shown its strategic preparedness by analysing future risks the Company could face with respect to the causatum of the pandemic. A COVID-19 Apex Response Committee was formed to oversee organisational preparedness and management of the pandemic from a business continuity as well as employee safety perspective. In addition to segregation of essential and non-essential staff, location-wise Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) were formed and work from home or sites was assigned on a rotational basis.

We are humbled to state that all our business operations of Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution and Renewables were fully operational during the outbreak.

We worked tirelessly during the pandemic to set up COVID-19 guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) across the organisation.

Apart from ensuring a safe strategy to combat the COVID-19 crisis in the short-term, we have also initiated long-term resilience mechanisms to strengthen our response to future risks or disasters.

This involved the upgradation of our Business Continuity Plans to a new normal condition post lockdown, handholding of various divisions to articulate site-specific scenarios and establish operating strategies for business continuity.




  • Safe practices
  • Awareness drive
  • Emergency protocols and a guidelines for all
  • Essential services planning
  • Communication to employees and associates

During lockdown


  • Entry/Exit norms (social distancing, multilayered screening, self declaration etc.)
  • Work from home
  • ROTA for critical functions
  • Guidelines for works, offices and colonies
  • Communication drive


Long-term Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

  • New-normal long-term business continuity preparedness
  • BCP template shared with divisions for assessment and feedback considering various scenarios