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27 Feb 2022 -Bhubaneswar TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited strengthens distribution infrastructure in Cuttack district

With reliable power supply to all its consumers as its primary objective, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has been focusing on upgradation of existing electricity distribution infrastructure and augmentation of the same. The Company has recently under taken a number of such initiatives in Cuttack district in this regard.

TPCODL has installed over 6000 new poles replacing small heighted, old, and faulty poles across its five divisions under Cuttack electrical circle to ensure continuous and reliable power supply in this area. To ensure a safe network for electricity supply around 3700 tilted poles have been straightened and over 500 double pole structures are installed. The Company also took up strengthening of mass scale power network in 169 feeders resulting in better service to the customers like 11 KV Paramhansh feeder under City Distribution Division II where tripping was a major issue for a long time. Similarly, feeders at Nahalpur, Ramkumarpur and Ayadpur under various divisions have helped in irrigation and agriculture in a major way by supplying proper electricity to the area.

TPCODL has refurbished as many as 96 Distribution Sub-Stations and installed 67 new 11 KV AB Switches at various locations in the circle which have proven helpful in enhancing reliability and uninterrupted power supply in various localities.

Safety of people is treated with priority at TPCODL. To avoid any mishap happening to people and stray animals at open electrical establishments like transformer stations, the Company has under taken fencing work at 240 places. Similarly, appropriate road crossing measures have been taken at around 230 places to avoid any sort of accident.

About TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited:

TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha with the majority stake being held by Tata Power (51%). It serves a populace of 1.36 Crore with Customer Base of 26 Lakh in a vast Distribution Area of 29,354 Sq. Km.

At TPCODL, the entire focus is on providing reliable power supply, enhanced customer services and reduction of the existing AT&C losses in a systematic manner. The company is upgrading the present distribution infrastructure, adopting new technologies and providing various digital services to customers.

TPCODL's parent company Tata Power has a vast experience in electricity distribution in Mumbai, Delhi and Ajmer, and has been a benchmark performer in Delhi for the last two decades.

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