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Neelamben's Cattle Produces More Milk Now

Other Initiatives

Why Neelamben's Cattle Produces More Milk Now?

Neelam Rajeshbhai Maheshwari of Nani Khakhar Village, Mandvi - Kutch, depends on agriculture & milk selling for livelihood. She fed her cattle with Ranjka and jowar fodder which was cultivated by her and additional need was bought from the market. Under Kanthi Area Livelihood Programme (KALP) of CGPL, she got Napier Bajra (NB 21) Grass cuttings and learnt cultivation practices from Tata Power-CGPL’s NGO partner. She planted these cuttings in one of her plots and after 120 days got first cut of NB 21 fodder. She observed that the animals preferred this fodder. After a week, she cut down Ranjka Fodder by 80 % and replaced it with NB 21 Fodder. After 40 days, she found that there is gradual increase of milk production in her animals. After three months, again she approached Tata Power-CGPL for 1000 NB21 cuttings for cultivation, as she found that animals preferred NB 21 fodder more than Ranjka. Also cost of production, water requirement for NB21 fodder is less as well as cutting and feeding is simpler.


In Kutch area, due to salinity ingress the livelihood of the farmers is mostly dependent on livestock keeping and milk Selling. Due to recurring drought condition no fodder is available in grazing lands, hence there is total dependency on farm level fodder production. CGPL (Tata Power) under Kanthi Area Livelihood Project (KALP) project has initiated demonstration and distribution of Napier Bajra (NB 21) green grass. It is observed that that cost of cultivation, water quality requirement and maintenance of NB21 fodder is lesser than other fodder and the per acre production is much the higher. In NB 21 protein and digestive nutrition percentage is higher which has resulted in increase in fat percentage in milk as well as milk production.


Increase in milk production and fat percentage in milk 2.5 lacs cuttings distributed Program replicated by Adani Foundation, Welspun Foundation, IL&FS Group, Tata Power Solar.

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