Employee Volunteering is the practice of our employees by giving their time and skill for community welfare without any financial and material gain. Volunteering is considered as altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. The benefit of volunteering is seen as immense satisfaction. This is in practice since 2008 in Tata Power.

In Tata Power, Volunteering is monitored in the Website Volunteering System (WSVS). The volunteers have increased from 501 to 826 and are part of eight volunteer groups.

The volunteers have conducted several community development activities. During the year, volunteers have contributed their valuable 6,242 hours (cumulative over 20000 hours) for various social and environmental issues. Employees contributed money for food materials to an orphanage at Jojobera, Jharkhand. Most of them have worked tirelessly and have earned a lot of good wishes from the communities.