Sustainability at Tata Power

Tata Power has always set a standard in adopting sustainable practices in its business. Tata Power is currently the leader in installed Wind Power capacity in India; various new technologies in the renewable space are being adopted by the company. However Sustainability at Tata Power does not stop only at renewable initiatives, we believe in Sustainability being a lifestyle that each individual must adopt.

Economic Sustainability is an important factor for any business. However, overall sustainability of an organization, in the long run, will be on a positive growth if the organization cares for the environment, society, customers and its employees. With this view we have developed the Sustainability Model at Tata Power, as shown below.

Tata Power Sustainability Reporting

To support these elements, there are four enablers of New Technology, Advocacy / Mutual learning, Excellence and Architecture of Care (AoC).

Care for the Environment addresses various aspects of resource conservation, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, renewable power generation, biodiversity and green buildings.

Fossil fuel power generation is a significant contributor to the greenhouse gases viz. CO2. As per our objective, we are tracking our Carbon Footprint and also encouraging our own employees to monitor their personal contribution to this global issue.

We are developing new projects across the country and our intent is to be the 'neighbour of choice'. We want to build up a relationship with the community and bring in prosperity for the organization as well as to the community. We have developed our Principles of Community Engagement which address our actions in 'Caring for the Community'. The Tata Group has always worked with the community and taken steps to build a stronger India. We provide power, one of the necessities for national growth and we would work with the community to develop a fully electrified India.

Thus we have defined our Sustainability Model which defines the organisation's Sustainability portfolio.