Made a Difference


Tata Power made a difference in their lives! Women Take Charge!

Ms. Anjali Bhusan Gaikwad, 28 year old graduate is living in Khopoli village in Hydros with her husband, child and in-laws. She has been working with a local Bakery shop since six years and have monthly earning of Rs. 1500. Sometime back, her husband, a driver met with a road accident and doctors recommend complete bed rest. Over a period of time, financially the situation became worse managing family and repay loan. Taking the bait in her hand, Ms. Anjali started looking for a better job in spite of community warnings. She got to know about the BPO started at Khopoli by Tata Power from the awareness camp on gender discrimination and economic empowerment. She took the interview and to her luck was selected.

Today, she earns enough to take care of her family. She has purchased a vehicle and drives to office to save time and travel cost. She is also helping her younger sister to continue her studies apart from managing her family efficiently. She expresses her gratitude by saying "the training in the BPO has made me more self-confident and independent. It has made me learnt the art of dealing with people. I am also happy for the fact that I am able to take care of my family and repay the loans."

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