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Sustainability - Natural Capital

Environment Initiatives

Resource & Energy Conservation

In the present scenario of Climate Change and Global warming, Energy conservation is an important element that can reap immediate reductions in CO2 emissions. In line with our energy policy we aim at educating customers and public at large to reduce energy wastage and increase energy efficiency. We believe that energy conservation is the most economical solution to energy shortages that our country is facing, and is a more environmentally benign alternative to increased energy production if practiced with rigour. We strive to be energy efficient by being conservative in our approach of energy utilization and also utilizing energy efficient devices. Some of the projects that we have implemented are:

  • Switchover to Variable Frequency Drive from constant speed drive in large pumps across the power plant.
  • Switchover the energy efficient lighting likes CFLs and standardizing the AC temperatures to 24oC.
  • Replacing the electric water heaters with solar water heaters at canteens.
  • Solar based LED lighting in selected areas; LED based street lighting.
  • Electric Vehicles for internal transport within plant premises.
  • Recycle of paper and biomethanation of canteen waste.
  • Rainwater harvesting in various location to tap the rain water and utilize for service purposes.

Contact with Consumers on Energy Conservation

Tata Power along with other electricity distribution companies of Mumbai, few years back had launched an awareness campaign through advertisement to educate consumers about power conservation measures. The campaign - "I Will, Mumbai Will " was focused on shifting power usage away from the peak consumption period, more intelligent use of high power using devices such as air-conditioners, responsible electricity consumption behaviour (such as switching off devices at the plug point when not in use) and encouraging consumers to use energy efficient devices. Now the Company focuses on year round education of its consumers in the area of energy efficiency.

Tata Power Club Enerji

Education Program for School Children on Energy Conservation
Education Program for College Children on Energy Conservation

Education Program for School Children on Energy Conservation

Tata Power began an Energy Conservation Programme for school children in the academic year 2007-08. This initiative has evolved into an informal club called Tata Power Club Enerji comprising of schoolchildren, teachers and families who not only practice but advocate energy conservation in their sphere of influence. Children from Class V to VIII standard are being sensitised on issues relating to energy efficiency and conservation and today this initiative has spread out to other cities and states within the country. Club Enerji has saved more than 3.4 million units of energy, sensitised more than 2.5 million citizens and saved more than 3300 tonnes of carbon emissions. Please visit www.clubenerji.com for more details.

Green Manufacturing Index (GMI)

The Green Manufacturing Index (GMI) has been introduced as a new parameter for monitoring environmental parameters for operating divisions. The matrix is being utilized as a monitoring tool.

The matrix addresses both statutory as well as non-statutory parameters. The operating divisions set yearly targets for these parameters and plan projects in order to meet the targets.

Apart from statutory emission based parameters, the non-statutory parameters are water conservation, efficiency of the operating plant, waste recycling and CO2 intensity.

The targets and progress of the divisions to achieve these targets are reviewed monthly by the Division head and the higher management including the Managing Director.

Corporate Sustainability Protocol (CSP)

We have also developed the Corporate Sustainability Protocol (CSP), which addresses issues on environment and community. The CSP is in the form of a binary questionnaire, which addresses various environmental and social parameters.

It is applicable to all operating divisions, project locations as well as offices. Yearly targets are set for the locations and are reviewed every quarter by the division head as well as higher management.

The questionnaire requires the participants to set up projects to improve their CSP scores.


Tata Power's inception nine decades ago is a unique saga of the Founder's vision to provide clean energy to the city of Mumbai with minimal impact on the environment. Today, in our quest to deliver clean energy, we as a Company are focusing on building a robust renewable energy portfolio, scouting for clean sources of power, reducing our carbon footprint and investing in cleaner technologies and global resources. While, we have ambitious growth plans, we are committed to 'responsible growth'.

The name Greenolution is a fusion of two concepts - 'Green' and 'Evolution'. It signifies the process and initiatives that TATA POWER would undertake towards ensuring a greener and sustainable planet. The objective of conceiving this concept is to traverse this journey and make green living our 'way of living'.

The nature of this concept 'Greenolution' is not preachy, rather participative. Thus, through the brand name Greenolution, Tata Power will put efforts/practices /programs that infuse the belief of sustainability as a 'movement' by making all stakeholders and public at large, a part of it.

Visual Representation

Logo Design Mnemonics:

The letter 'O' enlarged in the typeface signifies our efforts towards creating a safe and sustainable haven for our planet. The Grey 'O' signifies completion. It suggests a holistic approach towards nurturing our ecosystem.

The difference in weightages of the typefaces 'Green' and 'lution' is to bring ease in phonetics. Also the enlarged 'O' connects the concept of Green and evolution. The planet in the centre acts as the central adhesive force for the two concepts to become one.

The leaf with an angular mount in the letter 'I' bears an individualistic approach towards the concept. It means that the onus is in 'I' (each one of us) to do more towards making our planet greener. The angular leaf conveys movement and dynamism in reaction from the human race towards saving nature.

The Colour

The colour 'green' is the colour of responsibility towards the environment. It signifies the correlation between human behavior and nature. We call this Green as 'Greenolution Green'. The Grey colour in the enlarged 'O' signifies unbiased and holistic approach towards safeguarding the planet.

The Tag line signifies Tata Power's intent to lead the efforts towards a greener world not just internally but also externally through education, engagement and ensuring participation. I would also like to take the opportunity of inviting employees to be GREEN HEROES. Our Ambassadors. As a Green Hero you can share your ideas to help Tata Power reduce its carbon footprint and can also volunteer to work in green initiatives identified under Greenolution. If you are interested, please e-mail your enrollment request to greenolution@tatapower.com. A training session will also be organized for GREEN HEROES for a deeper appreciation of the subject matter.

The key programs that will run under Greenolution by GREEN HEROES are:

  • Implementation of 100% recycled paper usage in office.
  • Tree plantation at all our plants and site locations.
  • Saving water at our plants, office and site locations.
  • Saving fuel through carpooling and other initiatives.
  • Waste Management at our offices.
  • Energy conservation and efficiency initiatives at all our locations and outside.
  • Reducing air travel and using webcast/video conferencing facilities.
  • Participation in 'Clean your city' drives and campaign.

A communication pack comprising of a website, audio visual film and collaterals were launched to engage our external stakeholders like customers, shareholders and youth across the country.

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