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Tata Power - Redefining the Power Sector of India
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Tata Power - Pioneer in Power Production

Largest, Most Reliable and Efficient Private Sector Energy Major

Tata Power, erstwhile known as Tata Electric, pioneered the generation of electricity in India nine decades ago. Today, it is the country's largest private power utility, established as a licensee in Mumbai and with ambitious expansion plans from being essentially Mumbai-centric to a major national player, not only in the fields of Power but also in Energy and Broadband Communication.

Tata Power is the one company with presence in all aspects of Power, fuel & logistics, generation (non-renewable and renewable), transmission, distribution and trading.

Tata Electric's New Entity

Prior to 1st April 2000 the Tata Electric Companies comprised of the following three Companies:

  • The Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company Limited, established in 1910.
  • The Andhra Valley Power Supply Company Limited, established in 1916.
  • The Tata Power Company Limited, established in 1919.
Power Plants in India - Trombay Power Plant
Trombay Power Plant
With effect from that day Andhra Valley and Tata Hydro merged into Tata Power to result in one large unified entity.
Tata Power - Power House of India
500 MW Unit 5 Control Room

Mumbai Power is Tata Power

During the ninety long years, the energy produced by Tata Power has coursed through Mumbai's vitals, reliably and economically, helping the city achieve and retain its premium status -- the commercial capital of India. The challenging task of meeting the ever-growing power needs of the industrial metropolis of the country has been possible because of efficient transmission and distribution of energy, and constant upgrading of technology by the Company.

Network of Reliability

In power supply, grids ensure stability. Tata Power's power systems in Western India are interconnected with the Western Region Grid, including the State Electricity Boards of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Tarapur Nuclear Power Station.

Competitive Tariffs

Tata Power enjoys an unrivalled cost-advantage in electricity production which it has achieved by regularly upgrading technology to the state-of-the-art and a unique mix of hydro and thermal generating capacity. The Company happily shares this advantage with its customers, in terms of competitive tariffs, major beneficiaries being direct consumers as they pay the lowest tariffs in Mumbai.

Powering Expansion

With its firm base in Mumbai, Tata Power has now aggressively ventured into new pastures in the country with the objective of becoming a major national player in the years to come.

In India

Tata Power has an installed generation capacity of 10568 MW in India. The thermal power generation capacity stands at 7436 MW, while generation through clean sources such as hydro, solar, and wind stand at 3133 MW. Some of its major projects include thermal power stations at Trombay, Jojobera, Haldia, Jamshedpur, Maithon and Mundra, hydro stations in Khopoli, Bhira and Bhivpuri in Maharashtra, wind farms across five states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Rajasthan and a solar power projects in Gujarat and Maharashtra. For more Information click here.

International Footprint

Tata Power is looking to aggressively expand its global operations and has already made its foray into some key developing segments and markets. For information click here.

Jojobera Thermal Power Station
Jojobera Thermal Power Station

Leader in Total Power Management

Tata Power, the pioneer today, also enjoys the privilege of being the leader:

  • Commissioned India’s first 4000 MW Ultra Mega Power Project in Mundra based on super-critical
  • technology
  • Commissioning the first 500 MW Thermal Unit in India
  •  Commissioning the first 150 MW Thermal Unit in the country
  • Touch-screen based Distributed Digital Control and Energy Management Systems
  •  Computerised Grid Control and Energy Management Systems
  •  220 KV Transmission Lines on Four-Circuit Towers
  • 220 KV Underground Cable Transmission Network
  • Flue Gas Desulpharisation plant using sea water
  • Operators Training Simulators for 150 MW, 500MW
  • Thermal Power Plants and Switchyard Operations
  •  Fly-ash Aggregate plant of 200,000 tonne per year to convert fly-ash into useful building material
  • 150 MW Reversible Hydro Pumped Storage Unit

Commitment to Environment Conservation

Tata Power CSR Initiatives

86 lbs Mahsheer angled in Cauvery river where lakhs of fingerlings were given gratis from Tata Power Pisciculture farm.

Long before the present global ecological concern, Tata Power realised its moral and corporate responsibility towards environment protection. The Company has:

  • Planted over 1 Crore saplings in the last 30 years
  • Installed pollution-control equipment worth over Rs.100 crores at the Trombay Thermal Power Plant
  • Tata Power has actively participated in the building and maintaining of gardens and parks in the teeming Mumbai Metropolis.
  • Tata Power actively supports pisciculture activities at their hydro stations by assisting in the breeding of fishes like the Mahsheer.

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