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DSM Programs of Tata Power- Mumbai

By Mr. Sunil Joglekar
DSM Programs of Tata Power- Mumbai


Demand Side Management (DSM) are the cooperative activities between a utility and its consumers for optimum and judicious end-use of electricity. Traditionally, the role of utility was limited to ensuring power supply to the meters installed at the consumer premises. DSM programs are unique among the utility's offerings in the sense they always work beyond the consumer meter i.e. end-use energy management.


Tata Power has a long and glorious history of the DSM programs. As a responsible corporate, Tata Power is committed to judicial and optimum use of all resources, including energy. Energy conservation is an integral part of all our services and operations including - generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. To build on and consolidate the efforts, Tata Power thought of making consumers as equal partners in achieving energy conservation. This thought process led to the genesis of DSM and formation of a dedicated DSM Cell in Tata Power more than a decade ago when it wasn't even heard of by many at that time.

Various Types of Programs:

Tata Power adopted a scientific, cogent and systematic approach for its DSM Initiatives. It conducted a comprehensive Load Research Activity that established the consumption pattern of various consumer categories, expectations of consumers from DSM programs and various energy efficiency technologies available in the market. Based on the findings of Load Research, a wide range of DSM programs, were implemented as follows:

Type of programs

Programs Implemented

Energy Conservation Programs

Appliance Exchange/New Purchase Ceiling fans, Refrigerators, Split ACs and LED Tube Light program (mainly for Residential Consumers);
Standard Offer Program (for big industrial and commercial consumers)

Energy Diagnosis Program

Energy Audit Programs (for industrial and commercial consumers)

Energy Shift Programs

Thermal Energy Storage programs and Demand Response Programs (for big industrial and commercial consumers)


Tata Power has also acted as the revenue-neutral facilitator of the DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme) of the Govt. of India. Being implemented by M/s. EESL, a union govt. undertaking, the DELP program aimed to increase the penetration of the LED technology in the residential lighting sector.

Benefits for consumers from DSM:

Participation in DSM programs helps consumers efficiently manage their electricity consumption, thereby resulting in curtailment of electricity bills. By reducing their energy consumption, the programs also offer them a chance to do their bit for helping the environment. To promote adoption of better energy management practices Tata Power provides different incentives in all the aforementioned DSM programs. Under DSM Appliance Program, Tata Power negotiates with the appliance manufacturer to ensure bulk discount apart from the handsome rebate (up to 50% of MRP on the efficient products availed under the program). Similarly, a rebate has been given under Demand Response and Thermal Energy Storage Schemes based on the energy use reduced/shifted.  Energy Audit is performed at a concessional rate for consumers. Thus, apart from the savings reflected in the electricity bills, consumers also receive additional monetary benefits from Tata Power.

Special Attributes:

Here is a list of some of the attributes that make our DSM programs stand out from the rest

  1. Multidimensionality - Tata Power has a diverse consumer mix having huge variations in connected load, amount of energy used, total consumption pattern, load profile, time of energy use, energy efficiency/management potential etc. Regardless of this, our programs cover all categories of consumers and each stratum of society.  We are able to offer something of value, interest and use to each consumer category.
  2. Holistic View - Our programs take a holistic view of DSM by addressing its various dimensions like Peak clipping, Valley Filling and Strategic Conservation. Besides, we have implemented programs like Demand Response targeting MW-level relief during an event as well as appliance exchange program resulting into Watt-level saving for a consumer.
  3. Technology - Tata Power programs involves state-of-the-art technology. Tata Power is the first utility in India which has offered program on Thermal Energy Storage technology for load shift. We have incorporated latest energy efficiency technologies like invertor technology (refrigerator/Split AC) and BLDC motor technology (ceiling fan) in our programs.
  4. Capacity Building - Tata Power uses these activities as a platform to make stakeholders more energy literate and build their capacity for energy management/ energy efficiency. We sensitize the general public about energy efficiency using effective communication tools, organizing special awareness programs and conducting training sessions. We also provide necessary handholding to the consumers as and when required. As a result, the importance of energy efficiency is impressed upon the minds of the stakeholders.

'Be Green' Portal:

All DSM programs are implemented under the 'Be Green' Initiative. A user-friendly - 'Be Green' portal has been made available at the Tata Power consumer portal:

A consumer can go through the information like eligible consumer category, terms and conditions, product details, about all DSM programs if s/he visits the portal. If interested, s/he can also register for any of the program via website or can write to the DSM cell at  for more information.  S/he can also use the services of the call center for registration.

Doorstep delivery of products/service for the consumers as per his or her convenience is the unique feature of our appliance programs. A consumer does not need to step out of his house to avail these services.

Consumer Response to DSM programs:

The ultimate measure for the success of any DSM program is the response from consumers. All of our programs have received encouraging response and participation from consumers as shown in the adjoining table.

DSM Program No. of Appliances Delivered
Ceiling Fan 42072
Split AC 2457
Refrigerator 6519
LED Tube Light 25435
Total 76483


DSM activities are well aligned with the belief of Tata Power that energy should be used in a responsible, economical and environmentally sound manner. True to the spirit of DSM, Tata Power and its consumers strive to achieve end-use energy efficiency for the benefit of the utility, consumers and nation.

Awards and Recognition:

Our work has received awards and recognition at multiple national level forums:

  • National Energy Conservation Award-2015 by Bureau of Energy Efficiency in recognition of the outstanding work in the field of energy efficiency/energy conservation.
  • Demand Side Management Program of Tata Power, Mumbai was awarded the 'Innovative Energy Saving Service' award at 15th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2014 by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
  • Thermal Storage and Demand Response DSM programs of Tata Power, Mumbai was awarded the 'Most Innovative Energy Saving Service' award at 13th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2012 by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)