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This is the era of energy prosumer-not just consumers but producers of energy. With steep renewable challenges taken by India at COP26 as goals for 2030 each one of us can contribute to India 2030 renewable story with Solar.

TATA POWER’S Contribution

Tata Power has a strong portfolio of 3,490 MW solar generation capacity.

It has commissioned a 300 MW solar plant at Dholera, Gujrat which is India's largest single axis solar tracker system, and India's largest floating solar power project of 101.6 MWp in Kayamkulam, Kerala.

Close Up View of Solar Panel Farm Line by Line

The Company had set up its first solar power plant of 110 kW, way back in 1996 at Walwhan in Lonavla. A 60.48 kWp solar power plant has been installed on the rooftop of one of the Company's offices in Mumbai in 2010 and the power generated by these solar panels takes part of the lighting load of the entire building announced the synchronisation of its 15 MW solar plant at Belampally in Telangana, thereby starting its commercial operations.

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Solar Panels on A Large Field

Plant - Anantapur

  • Location - Andhra Predesh
  • Plant Size - 100 MW
  • Type - Epic utility sacle ground mount solar project
  • Project Completion date - 3 months ahead of schedule
  • Land area - 500 acres
  • CO2 offset - 110,000 tones annualy
  • Annualy energy yeild - 160 million units (kwh)

Customer - NTPC Limited

"Given our ambitious target for green power, we were aware that our requirement of rigorous timelines and cost-efficiency was a challenging one. We thank Tata Power Solar for their experience and commitment in delivering this large scale project ahead of strict timelines."

- Mr. A.K. Jha, Director (Technical), NTPC

Plant - Andhra sugars

  • Location - Kovvur, Andhra pradesh
  • Plant Size - 15.65 acres
  • Type - Epc for utility scale ground mount solar project
  • Project size - 3mw dc / 2.5mw ac
  • No of modules - 12,000
  • Module technology - Polycrystalline modules
  • Estimated energy generation - 4.05 million units annually

Customer - Co2 displacement

Andhra sugars - 2835 tonnes annually

Solar Manufacturing Unit
  • Projected Cost Savings of: 24 Million INR in a year
  • Estimated Energy Generation:4.05 million units annually
  • CO2 displacement: 2835 tonnes annually
  • Low break-even period: Around 6 
  • Fixed energy cost: 25 years
  • Accelerated depreciation benefits as per norms

"Given our ambitious target for green power, we were aware that our requirement of rigorous timelines and cost-efficiency was a challenging one. We thank Tata Power Solar for their experience and commitment in delivering this large scale project ahead of strict timelines."

- Mr. A.K. Jha, Director (Technical), NTPC

A rooftop solar system transforms any shadow-free area into an asset for you. With up-to 50% savings on your
electricity bills from first month, it's a win-win for you and for the environment.


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Solar Panels on A Large Field


World's largest solar rooftop plant set up in a single phase on multiple roofs at a single site

  • Location - Beas, punjab
  • Type - EPC for solar rooftop project
  • Project size - 12 mw
  • No of modules - 46,000+
  • Module technology - Polycrystalline modules
  • Roof area - 1.621 million sq. Ft. Of roof sheds
  • Customer - Radha Soami Satsang Beas Educational and Environmental Society (RSSB-EES)


  • Location - Mumbai, maharashtra
  • Project size - 820.8kwp
  • No of modules - 46,000+
  • Module technology - Polycrystalline modules
  • Roof area - 1.621 million sq. Ft. Of roof sheds
  • Estimated energy generation - 1.12 million units per annum
  • Co2 displacement - 840 tonnes annually
  • Customer - Cricket Club of India (CCI)

World's largest solar rooftop installation on a cricket stadium

Solar Panels on A Field

"We continuously look at projects which promote renewable energy focus, and are glad to partner with Tata Power Solar to execute this landmark project for us. They have delivered on the promise of the brand TATA. We have set an example to use rooftop space in the stadiums to help protect the environment."

- Mr. Premal Udani, President, CCI and Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, Vice Chairman of Infrastructure and Green Technology Committee, CCI.

Watch CCI speak about the World's largest solar-powered cricket stadium

Solar Panels in a Parking Area


World's largest solar carport

  • Location - Cochin, kerala
  • Type - Epc for solar rooftop project (carport)
  • Project size - 2.67 mw plant
  • No of modules - 8472
  • Plant area - 20289.9 square meter
  • Co2 displacement - 1868 tonnes annually
  • Customer - Cochin international airport (CIAL)

"Cochin International Airport Limited became the first Airport in the world to be fully powered by solar energy during August 2015. It has now accomplished another milestone by implementing India's largest solar carport. We appreciate Tata Power Solar's professionalism and thank them for completing this project in a record time."

- Mr. V J Kurian, Managing Director, Cochin International Airport Limited


  • Location - Bengaluru, india
  • Type - Epc for solar rooftop project (residential row houses)
  • Project size - 5.25 kw
  • No of modules - 32 systems commissioned
  • Annual energy yield - 14,400 units*
  • Co2 offset in 25 years - 252 tonnes*
  • Customer - Suvidha housing society
Solar Panels on the Roof
Solar Panels on the Side of The Building


One of India's Largest Vertical Solar Farm

  • Location - Whitfield, Bangalore
  • Type - CAPEX
  • Project size - 120 kW, installed in 2016
  • No of modules - 330 Wp
  • Module technology - Polycrystalline
  • Roof area covered - Vertical Wall (South facing wall). No roof area has been used
  • Customer - DELL

We provide custom micro grid solutions to power remote regions and rural electrification of hamlets,
villages & localities.

In a world where over 800 million people lack access to dependable electricity, Tata Power believes the partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation will further vital innovations and solutions for last- mile electrification that can be transferred to underserved communities globally and spur Tata Power's efforts to end energy poverty.

Solar Panels Kept in a Line

Video of a Lady

The new venture TP Renewable Microgrid will address one of the most pervasive challenges by scaling up an innovative microgrid model to be implemented in collaboration with Smart Power India.

It will provide clean power to nearly 5 million households directly impacting the lives of 25 million people over the next decade. This venture will also ensure lowering elective electricity costs and carbon emissions by1 million tons per year.

This unique collaboration will amplify the Government of India's ongoing campaign to provide electricity to rural areas, unleashing the potential of renewable microgrids to serve households and businesses that suffer from poor reliability and coverage by traditional grid-based power.

TP Renewable Microgrid Ltd. will be operated and managed by Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company with approximately 11,000 MW of installed generation capacity and over 2.6 million customers under management across Delhi, Ajmer and Mumbai.

The anticipated rollout of 10,000 grids will drastically expand the global microgrid footprint and will act as a catalyst for governments and the private sector to collaborate in building clean, resilient and stable grids in other markets. Smart Power India, which was launched by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2015, would provide technical expertise to the enterprise, having built microgrids that today provide clean, distributed electricity to more than 200 villages in rural India.

Video of a Man

Solar Panels Near Mountains


  • Location - Remote and inaccessible villages In leh and kargil
  • Type - Microgrids
  • Project size - 1 mw Aggregate capacity
  • No. Of microgrids - 86
  • System size - 5kwp-115kwp
  • 3.5 mn units of power has been generated in the first 2 years.
  • Lit over 35 villages (including schools and institutions).
  • Co2 offset of over 3000 tons per year.
  • Low break-even period: Around 6 
  • Benefited community with over 8 hours of uninterrupted power supply per day.


  • Location - Indrapur village, sunderban, West bengal
  • Type - Microgrids
  • Project size - 110 kw
Solar Panels Kept on a Stand
  • 2000+ families have access to electricity.
  • With children having access to quality light after dark, literacy rates have improved.
  • The island economy has benefited, as the village now has a night market for people to go buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our solar power pumps support various applications including field irrigation or supplying potable water for your communities, while drawing water from underground multiple water sources as per requirement.

Farmer with Solar Panel and Solar Machine

Our Range of solar water pumps

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy  installation
  • No conventional:grid electricity required
  • Long operating life
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Easy to operate and maintain

We offer bankable tier-1 solar modules to multiple customer segments, with a range of configurations, power outputs and module sizes.

Recognized as one of the Tier-1 bankable module manufacturer internationally, with over 1.4 GW modules shipped globally, we are known for our technology innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing.


  • Module
    Capacity 670 MW
  • Mono and
    multi-Crystaline wafers of 182mm & 158.25mm SIZES
  • Cell
    Capacity530 MW

Sharp Piles of Metal

Strength of our products

Greater low light performance
Longer product life
Lower moisture entry
Higher efficiency and optimized power output
SO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified
integrated cell and module manufacturing facility

Our solar powered water purifier solution provide the latest water cleansing technologies
in remote and rural India.

Advantages of our Solar Powered RO Systems

  • Designed to run with or completely independent of electricity supply, compared to standard water pumps that run on diesel or grid.
  • We use the latest technologies of RO or UF for various quality ranges of water inputs.
  • We offeroptions in automatic and manual water dispensing.

Tata Power Solar RO System

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