Sustainability Conserving the Mahseer

Conserving the Mahseer

Conservation of biodiversity is not new to Tata Power. Indeed, the company's flagship biodiversity conservation program, the Mahseer Conservation Project was initiated more than five decades ago.

The Mahseer are a group of species of freshwater fish most of which face the threat of extinction in the wild. They are important cultural and biological icons of the rivers of India linking livelihoods and biodiversity conservation to each other. For over five decades Tata Power has strived to conserve these legendary fish. Our program operates on three thematic areas -" with "The Mahseer are a group of freshwater fish which is intertwined with the history and culture of our country. Once revered as a holy fish, the species now faces the threat of extinction in the wild. Known as the "Tiger of the Freshwater", this majestic fish has captivated people with its size, strength and agility. For over five decades Tata Power has closely worked with the Deccan Mahseer and the Golden Mahseer. Through sustained efforts, we have been able to get the Deccan Mahseer out of the IUCN Red List of Endangered species to a Least Concern Status while the Golden Mahseer is still in the Red List. Our Mahseer Conservation program operates on three thematic areas:

Captive Breeding

Tata Power is renowned for having successfully bred the Mahseer fish in captivity and works closely with Government agencies and fisheries institutes for responsible re-introductions of the species in the wild. The breeding facility at Walvhan, Lonavla, maintained by the company is open to scientists and students for research and training purposes, thus helping build capacities in this specialized field.


Tata Power is also building partnerships with experts to help sustain populations of the fish in the wild.

Awareness & Sensitization

Tata Power conducts awareness programs for its employees using the spirit of volunteering, exposing the volunteers to the wild and helping them understand the nuances of conservation.

Mahseer Conference August 2015: In August 2015, a conference on Mahseer Conservation was held at Lonavla wherein over 30 scientists from various states in India participated and deliberated on conservation and breeding of this elusive fish.


International Conference for Conservation of Humpback Mahseer To better understand the ecology of the Mahseer, an international conference was held in Tata Power's Walvhan facility, Lonavla, India in January 2017 along with the Mahseer Trust. The Conference focused on a Humpback Mahseer and was attended by national and foreign delegates from reputed organizations as well as government officials.

Know more about Mahseer

Tor The Mahseer

Tor is a Golden Mahseer who hatched and grew up in the Tata Power hatchery at Walwhan, Lonavala. He is a smart, witty little chap, who spends his time travelling and loves making friends. He is one of the few among his friends and family who survived the wild. This series captures his journey in the wild, as he meets new people, animals and fishes on the way.

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