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Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has accelerated certain natural processes that has changed the balance of our planet. If this rate of change is not arrested, our overdraft will impact the future generations in ways that will be hard to mitigate.

The concerns and growing awareness among all stakeholders about global warming and climate change debate poses serious challenges. As a responsible member of society, Tata Power is committed in combating climate change and as a responsible group, we would continue to play a leadership role in Sustainability.

At Tata Power, we are committed to tackling the issues of Climate Change by adopting Sustainable and responsible growth. To achieve this, we have developed a holistic Sustainability Model.

Leadership with Care

Sustainability being our core philosophy, Tata Power leads the way in generation of non-emitting sources of energy that provide low-cost electricity and help reduce carbon emissions. With a 30% clean energy portfolio, aiming to be 40-50% by 2025, Tata Power comprises the entire gamut of alternate sources to power the world.

Tata Power influences and is influenced by different stakeholder groups across our value chain. Our objective in sustainability is to engage with and address their needs, ensuring we practice leadership with care.


Tata Power has a pivotal role to play in the global efforts to achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as we understand our contribution is indispensable to the success of SDGs' and are the biggest contributors for a sustainable world.

Tata Power shall align all its interventions to achieve the UN SDG goals and the country level targets. The SDGs provides Tata Power with a lens through which to translate the world's needs and ambitions into business solutions. These solutions will enable us to better manage our risks, anticipate consumer demand, build positions in growth markets, secure access to needed resources, and strengthen our supply chains, while moving towards a sustainable and inclusive development path.

Thus we have defined

Our Sustainability Model which defines the organisation's Sustainability portfolio.

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