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Corporate Identity Number (CIN)

The CIN allotted to the Company by the MCA, Government of India is L28920MH1919PLC000567.

TOLL FREE Investor Helpline

The Company maintains a TOLL FREE Investor Helpline to give Members the convenience of one more contact point with TSRD, Registrar and Transfer Agent of the Company, for redressal of grievances/responses to queries.

The Toll Free number is 1800-209-8484.

Shareholders' Relations Team

The Shareholders' Relations Team is located at the Registered Office of the Company.

Bombay House
24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai - 400 001, INDIA.

Contact Person: Mr. J. E. Mahernosh
Tel.: 022 66657508

In compliance with the new Listing Regulations, a separate e-mail ID has been set up as a dedicated ID solely for the purpose of dealing with Members' queries/complaints.

Authority under IEPF

Nodal officer:

Name: Hanoz M. Mistry
Email ID: hmm@tatapower.com
Tel: 022 6665 7515

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