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Tata Power's Mundra Thermal Power Station 'Desi Beej Bank' empowers farmers in the Kutch region

04 Jun 2022

Becomes one of India's largest native Seed Banks within a year while ensuring crop sustainability

Tata Power Mundra Thermal Power Station has set up one of India's largest traditional (desi) seed banks. The native seed bank is benefitting the farmers and people from the community and bringing a drastic improvement in their lives while also providing them with a livelihood-linked ecosystem for more holistic growth. Initiative in alignment with Indian agri-tech practices empowering farmer groups. The Company pursued the campaign for "Seed Bank" intending to conserve, preserve and promote the native varieties of Seeds for various crops & fodders for an arid region like Kutch to address the climate change impact and ensure crop sustainability. To implement the initiative, Tata Power Mundra has closely been working with Kutch Fodder Fruit & Forest Development Trust ( KFFFDT).

Taking cognizance of the farming situation in the region and the problems of the farmers, Tata Power, Mundra launched the "Desi Beej Bank" program which has become one of the largest Desi (native) Seed Banks and the first of its kind in the Kutch District. The Company created awareness of the program by organizing Desi Beej Rath Yatra in all villages of the region to orient the farmers on several benefits of "Desi Beej". The farmers were also trained on conservation practices for traditional seeds and about the approach methodology and implementation

These native variety seeds are weather resistant and suitable for the region as it requires less quantity of water, organic fertilizers, and fewer pesticides in comparison to conventional hybrid seeds. Conventional seeds tend to require high chemical-based fertilizer and pesticides which results in a decrease in soil fertility.

The seed banks have been created for the 7 crop varieties- Jowar, Guvar (Major crop), Bajra, Til, Moong, Urad, and Moth. 29,403 Kg of Seeds is available for the coming Kharif Season.

It will cater to the need of 2350 Farmers and a total of 6650 acres of cultivation would be possible during this Kharif season with this bank. Seeds have been provided to farmers at subsidized rates.

In the last year, desi variety seeds were collected from the locals during the mass campaign which enabled the farmers to create a source of income by selling the seeds to the seed bank. The farmers were informed about the benefits of the Seed bank and how it will support and benefit them during a drought or when the availability of the seeds is scarce.

Talking more about the initiative, Mr. A.N. Ramesh, Chief, Tata Power Mundra Thermal Power Station. said, "As an organization, we have consciously undertaken initiatives that ensure holistic and sustainable development of the region and its surrounding communities as well. With the Desi Seed Bank program, we have successfully managed to create one of India's largest seed banks that will help in solving the problems that arise due to climatic changes. It also helps in conserving the soil for future use and ensures crop sustainability which benefits the local farmers in the long run. In the coming future, we wish to reach out and work with more such communities in remote regions to identify and solve the existing problems by implementing customized strategies & policies in a collaborative manner with like-minded stakeholders and agencies"

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