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Monsoon Preparedness Measures and Advisory by Tata Power

30 May 2023
~Range of precautionary measures have been implemented to ensure reliable power supply and customers' safety~

As Mumbai prepares for its first downpour, Tata Power, India's leading integrated power company, catering to 7.5 lakh consumers and owning 70% of the city's transmission network has announced a comprehensive set of safety measures. These measures will ensure the well-being of its customers during the forthcoming monsoon season.

Precautionary measures undertaken by Tata Power:

  • Pre-monsoon checks and preventive maintenance of equipment have been carried out at distribution and consumer sub-stations across Mumbai
  • Earth leakage tests have been conducted at more than 10,000 Feeder Pillars and junction boxes to improve public safety
  • A special tree trimming drive has been undertaken near TPC-D substations and internal roads
  • Adequate de-watering pumps have been installed at all distribution and consumer sub-stations to avoid flooding
  • The height of electrical installations like transformers, feeder pillars, and meter rooms in flood-prone areas has been raised
  • Stability checks of outdoor and indoor structures have been performed and corrective actions have been taken
  • Substations have been equipped with rescue boats and life jackets
  • Vehicles with the necessary equipment to handle emergencies have been kept ready at key locations across the city
  • Adequate stock of essential spare parts, tools, and equipment such as transformers and switchgear have been ensured to minimize response time in case of any power interruption
  • Dedicated quick-response teams have been strategically placed at various nodes across Mumbai to cater to any eventualities
  • Tata Power's T&D Disaster Management Cell has conducted extensive mock drills to check its monsoon preparedness
  • Tata Power is in the process of issuing monsoon advisory on its Social Media platforms along with the distribution of advisory posters in residential societies

Tata Power has further enhanced its customer care center to enable direct outreach and speedy resolution of consumer issues as well as quicker connectivity and reporting of power interruptions or technical complaints. Consumers can connect with us using the following options:

Tata Power safety guidelines to the consumers:


  • Ensure that the meter cabin providing electric supply to the premise is adequately protected from waterlogging or leakage
  • Meter Cabin must be at an adequate height
  • In case any alterations are made in the wiring, it should be thoroughly checked and tested by a licensed electrical contractor
  • Turn On the main switch only after ensuring that all faults have been rectified properly
  • In case of fault, switch on the supply only after ensuring that the fault has been rectified and checked by authorized electrician.
  • Turn Off the main switch in case there is water logging or leakage observed in the meter cabin
  • Unplug electrical appliances before in-case of a thunderstorm
  • Use reflective raincoats to make yourself more visible in traffic and keep an umbrella handy
  • During Lightning:
    • Stay inside
    • Stay low
    • Use your phone only if it’s an emergency
    • Stay away from windows
  • During High Winds:
  • Stay inside
  • Stay away from trees
  • Stay away from windows
  • Never touch a power line


  • Do not touch any wires or plumbing inside a building during lightning strikes as telephone lines/metal pipes can conduct electricity
  • Do not take shelter beneath a tree/any temporary structure in case of heavy wind, lightning and thunderstorms
  • Do not touch any electrical installations with wet hands or without using hand gloves, safety shoes, or insulated platforms
  • Do not try to walk, swim or drive through fast-moving floodwater
  • Do not fly kites near any overhead lines/electrical installations
  • Do not allow children to play near storm drains after rainfall
  • Do not drive over fallen power lines
  • Avoid touching trees because there might be chances that the tree branches are in contact with some electric wiring and could lead to electrocution
  • Do not anchor live wires illegally. Such acts are unsafe and might invite accidents
  • Do not use electrical appliances, if you suspect that they were submerged in water or have had contact with water until you have had a professional declare them safe to use

Do not touch the outdoor electrical installations like electric poles, street light poles and feeder boxes, etc. in monsoon.

About Tata Power:

Tata Power (NSE, BSE: TATAPOWER) is one of India’s largest integrated power companies and together with its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, has an installed/managed capacity of 14,110 MW. The Company has a presence across the entire power value chain - generation of renewable as well as conventional power including hydro and thermal energy, transmission & distribution, and trading. The Company developed the country’s first Ultra Mega Power Project at Mundra (Gujarat) based on super-critical technology. With 5,250 MW of clean energy generation from solar, wind, hydro, and waste heat recovery accounting for 37% of the overall portfolio, the company is a leader in clean energy generation. It has successful public-private partnerships in generation, transmission & distribution in India viz: Powerlinks Transmission Ltd. with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. for evacuation of Power from the Tala hydro plant in Bhutan to Delhi, Maithon Power Ltd. with Damodar Valley Corporation for a 1,050 MW Mega Power Project at Jharkhand.

Tata Power is currently serving more than 12.9 million consumers via its Discoms, under a public-private partnership model viz Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. with the Government of Delhi in North Delhi, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited, and TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited with Government of Odisha.

With a focus on sustainable and clean energy development, Tata Power is steering the transformation as an integrated solutions provider by looking at new business growth in distributed generation through rooftop solar and microgrids, storage solutions, EV charging infrastructure, ESCO, home automation & smart meters et al. In its 108 years track record of technology advancements, project execution excellence, world-class safety processes, customer care and green initiatives, Tata Power is well poised for multi-fold growth and is committed to lighting up lives for generations to come. For more information visit us at:


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