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How Jogeswar Nayak became a TCS-IAN

Other Initiatives

How Jogeswar Nayak became a TCS-IAN

Jogeswar Nayak, belonged to a family of humble agricultural labourers. His family lived a hand-to-mouth existence as his father was the sole bread-earner in the family. To make ends meet, Jogeswar's father worked as an office-hand for a monthly income of Rs. 6000 in a diamond cutting company in Mumbai.

Jogeswar Nayak became part of the TCS - Tata Power employability training programme which was conducted in the career development centre at Naraj Marthapur. Jogeshwar worked hard and with his dedication got selected in TCS Kolkata. He helped his family by bringing in an additional Rs. 10,000, improving their socio-economic condition significantly. He has excelled in TCS and is also one of the Fit4Life champions. In January 2018, he completed 21km run in the Tata Marathon.

Now Jogeswar works with school children in Odisha with an aim to make a difference in their lives and create many more.


This programme is a collaborative effort between TCS and Tata Power for employability training for unemployed Youth in Organized Sectors. In this programme, the infrastructure for training and community mobilisation is done by Tata Power and the content and faculty for training is provided by TCS. The candidates are trained on soft skills, business communication, business etiquettes, computer knowledge, soft skills such as body language in official environment, public speaking skills, group discussion, making presentations and presenting skills.

Once the training programme is completed the candidates go through a written test and those selected will undergo three rounds of interviews with the HR department of TCS - Kolkata. Those selected there get direct employment in the BPS/KPO services of TCS.

The programme started in Naraj Marthapur, and now is replicated in Maithon and Kalinganagar.


1743 trained, 391 employed with TCS, 18% Affirmative Action beneficiaries, Monthly income ~ Rs 15000

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