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Operate - schedule- monitor your fan or appliances from anywhere

Our Controller is a must have for your home. The device lets you operate your fan, TV, Set-top Box, AC from anywhere. What's more? It helps you track the power usage and operation log history easily. The device comes with an option of Infrared remote for TV, Set-top Box, AC of any kind of brand and fan speed control to help you adjust your fan speed conveniently and works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • PIR Motion Sensor 6A, SN-PR 05B
  • PIR Motion Sensor 10A, SN-PR 46B
  • Microwave Motion Sensor, SN-MW753
  • Sensor Led Sur Mount 12W R/S
  • Sensor Led Sur Mount 18W R/S
  • T5 Sensor Led Light
Tata Power EZ Home Pir Motion Sensor 6AMP
Tata Power EZ Home Pir Motion Sensor 6AMP


Tata Power EZ Home PIR motion Sensor (PR-05B, 6A) is a smart energy saving switch that controls your connected appliances on detection of motion within 12m range(diameter). It detects temperature change in area through its infrared sensor when there is movement of body and it activates control signal to immediately switch on the appliance or light . It also detect day and night light automatically. It is easy to install and used widely.


  • Tata Power EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor can be used for a wide variety of applications in common areas like office cabin, lobbies, washroom, conference room.
  • With Tata Power EZ Home PIR Motion Sensor you dont need to individually turn on or off the required appliances, it will detect the presence of human being within 12m range(diameter) through inbuilt passive infrared sensor and operates connected appliances.
  • After certain period (as you select the time) the connected load of motion sensor will be turned off as no further motion is detected.
  • Saves electricity by keeping the connected lights and appliances off when there is no one in room and detection area.
  • PIR Motion Sensor can automatically detect ambient day and night light for making it enable & disbale during the day and night time according to user's requirements.
  • It is surface mounted fixture,simple and easy to install.


  • Product Name
  • PIR Motion Sensor 6A, SN-PR 05B
  • Category
  • Sensor & Sensor Lights
  • Item Code
  • 7000028721
  • Model Number
  • SN-PR 05B (6Amp)
  • Rated Voltage
  • 240V AC, 50Hz
  • Rated Power
  • 1200 W(Incandescent)
  • Ambient Light
  • 3-2000lux
  • Fixing Type
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Product Housing
  • FR Polycorbonate UL94 Compliance
  • Colour
  • White
  • Detection Range
  • 360 degree
  • Detection Distance
  • 12m(diameter)
  • Hold Time
  • 10sec-7min
  • IP Rating
  • IP20
  • Installation Height
  • 2.2-4m
  • Warranty
  • 2 Years

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