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Sustainable lifestyle


What is a
sustainable lifestyle ?

A sustainable lifestyle are changes adopted in your lifestyle, to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the earth's natural resources. Through small changes in your daily routine and habits, from food and transport to waste and energy, you can adopt various alternatives which are easily available to consumers.

How can I adopt
a sustainable lifestyle ?

Through small changes in your daily habits you can bring about a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

By understanding your carbon footprint and monitoring your impact, you can use alternatives for all parts of your lifestyle.

For example, opting for public transport or electric vehicles instead of private cars will help reduce your transport footprint. Using LED bulbs instead of regular bulbs will help you save energy.

Take the right direction and make the right green choice in your life.

Tips to adopt
a sustainable lifestyle

Switch to Electric Vehicles (EV)

Across the world, EVs offer a solution to two major problems: increasing pollution levels and dependence on fossil fuels. Countries including India, are moving to a more sustainable transport solution with electric vehicles which do not pollute the environment.

To know more about EV charging stations and their locations

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Indoor air-purifying plants

Why do I need air-purifying plants?

Different factors are responsible indoor air pollution

  • Pollutants from carpets, particle boards, chemical cleaning agents, polishes, hair sprays, perfumes etc.
  • Biological pollutants like dust, fungi and allergen are common in the house.

These pollutants have harmful effects on your health and hence should be reduced.

What kind of air-purifying plants should I get?

Using nature's own air purifiers - indoor plants, can help in reducing the air pollution in your house and breathing cleaner air.

Below are some examples of plants to help you get clean air.

Aloe Vera
  • Needs sunlight
  • Requires little water
  • Reap its medicinal benefits as well
Spider Plant
  • Grows quickly
  • Does not require direct sunlight
  • Can be kept in the room or office corridor
Snake Plant
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night So keeping it in your house can help you get direct oxygen into your room
  • Low-maintenance
Bamboo Plant
  • Works well with limited water

Go Zero Waste

Say No To Plastic

Neither Paper nor Plastic, But Reusable Bags!

This will:

  • Improve the air quality (Toxins in the air are directly linked to plastic waste).
  • Remove drain clogging.
  • A cleaner environment and hence less air borne diseases.
  • Save the animals that die each year due to consumption of plastics.
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Prevent soil fertility deterioration that is the source of our food and nutrition.
  • Give a healthier environment to our future generation.


You can play your part in the need to improve the waste management process by following the 3 R's of Waste Management.

Follow this in your daily life and help reduce the waste generated in the environment so that less of it goes into the landfills and do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

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