A man doesn't plant a tree for himself.
He plants it for posterity.

Alexander Smith
Scottish Poet

The world we live in is not the one which was created. The world is evolving continuously. Human beings have moulded the world and its natural existence to perhaps transform it into one where every man can flourish and live comfortably, even if it has been at the cost of nature and destroying the eco system of the planet.

In the last 40 years, TATA Power has planted saplings of fast growing tree species, native to the Western Ghats on hill slopes of the lake catchments. The afforestation programme was intensified in 1991 and continues till date.

During the last 10 years, the focus has been on:

Growing indigenous local tree species found in the Western Ghats.

These plants are nurtured at the nurseries of TATA Power in Lonavala. This process is necessary to support the biological diversity in the eco-forest system and in turn restore the habitat for selected fauna.


We at TATA Power believe, that the time has come now to give back to our planet all that we have devoured to ensure that our future generations continue to live and thrive in this beautiful planet as healthy individuals in complete harmony with nature and wild life.

TATA Power is conducting a nationwide virtual tree plantation drive involving all our customers, employees and their families as well as our stakeholders under our thematic initiative Tree Mittra. A unique approach under our Green Community.

This unique flagship volunteering initiative by TATA Power will aim to encourage not only for our employees and their families but people all over India to plant a tree and nurture its survival.

What You Get
As a Tree Mittra

  • Digital Certificate for every tree planted

  • Goodwill and recognition by supporting a noble eco-friendly initiative

  • Employees get an opportunity to volunteer in an eco-friendly initiative of Tata Power

  • Your name and photograph on our website