E-Volunteer for TATA Power's Afforestation Drive

TATA Power's strive for innovation and improvement has led its CSR department to digitalize many of its initiatives and flagship programmes.

E-Volunteering is part of this digital drive which aims to bring together employees, family members, Group Companies, Board Members and senior leaders, customers and other stake holders though a wide range of activities for people across ages from the comfort and safety of their homes.

This digital mode of volunteering aims to facilitate continued volunteering for our existing volunteers during the time of pandemic while providing opportunities for new volunteers to participate from the most diverse and remote set of locations.

E-Volunteer for Tree Mittra

The focus of E-Volunteering is in the thematic areas of Education, Good Health, Afforestation and Financial Inclusivity. Afforestation through volunteering comes under Tata Power's flagship programme known as Tree Mittra. In order to go through the process of digitalization of the programme. TATA Power aims to conduct a nationwide online tree plantation drive involving all our customers, employees and their families and all other stakeholders, as well as Indian nationals under the thematic focus Tree Mittra. The unique approach is to engage with all citizens and stakeholders through a Virtual plantation on the Tata Power Green Community website.

Plan of Action

  • Target of 5 Lakhs PlantationDrive across TATA Power locations
  • Month wise Plan for Plantation Drive
    for Volunteers.
  • Identification
    of Local Species
    suitable for Plantation
  • Engagement with Local
    School Eco-Clubs
    for spreading awareness
    about local flora and fauna.
  • Training of Volunteers on the Local Species and their importance by Bio-diversity team
  • Follow-up Visit
    by Volunteers
    to Plantation Sites for Tracking Survival
  • Plantation drive launch at Hydros
  • Photo and Story Sharing by Volunteer with the Tree.

Each Volunteer to target plantation of 50 plants/saplings across the year

  • No of Volunteers
  • Intended benefit FY 20
  • Intended Benefit target by FY 25
  • 1000
  • 5 Lakh plantations
  • 10 lakhs plantation

Rewards and Recognitions

Awards would be given to employees or volunteers at station or location level. Awards would also be given to the locations at corporate level. A jury (comprising at least one external member) will decide the awards based on performance, information provided by volunteers, stations, locations and field visits to the sites, if required.