Delivering with responsibility

As India’s largest integrated power company, we aim to be the partner of choice for all our stakeholders and usher in a future of smart energy solutions for our customers

The integrated and responsible use of our Natural, Financial and Manufactured capitals boosts our efforts to provide smart, future ready energy solutions for our customers

Responsible resource consumption

0.687 tCO2e/MWh

Carbon intensity from 0.695t/Mwh in FY20


reduction in coal consumption

Robust financial growth

`33,079 crore

Revenue generated

`1,439 crore

Profit After Tax

Enhanced generation & distribution of power


Clean & green capacity

4 Discoms

acquired in Odisha

500+ MW

Rooftop solar


Solar pumps

We create a culture of innovation, facilitating our inspired workforce to develop energy efficient technologies and sustainable solutions

Diverse & talented workforce


New employee hire rate


women leaders on Tata Power’s Board of Directors

Innovations to deliver operational excellence

40 members

Innovation council across divisions


patents filed in FY21

We engage and empower our customers and other stakeholders to embrace tomorrow’s smart energy solutions

Improving the lives of our customers and communities

532 Public EV charging points

in over 92 cities, showcasing our commitment towards green mobility installed

161 microgrids

Commissioned with over 4.8 MW installed capacity, building a future ready rural India