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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Our leadership team actively facilitates corporate responsibility initiatives that are inherently tied to our brand promise and values. Our corporate responsibility imperative is shaped by our intent to take communities along in our growth journey.

Involving Stakeholders in Carbon Mitigation Journey @ Community

  • Scaling up Club Enerji as a brand property
  • Quantification of volunteering impact
  • E-Platform to increase the afforestation numbers manifold

Our corporate citizenship principles are shaped by the Tata Code of Conduct, Tata leadership behaviours, culture of trusteeship, volunteering, inclusivity, diversity, affirmative action and leadership vision for macro and micro synergies. These initiatives extend to our employees and partners. The Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT) serves as a dedicated platform for implementing sustainable community development programmes with a long-term and professional approach.

16.50 lakh

Individuals benefitted from
flagship programmes

10.19 lakh

People impacted by
needs-based initiatives

10.48 lakh

People indirectly benefitted
from all interventions

` 50 crore

CSR expenditure

CSR Vision

Our CSR vision aims to empower target communities with education and livelihood opportunities, ensuring their readiness for the future, while promoting sustainability in the regions where we operate. Our key interventions are focused on the following thematic areas:

Focus areas


(Including financial and digital literacy)

Employability and employment

(Skilling for livelihoods)


(Microenterprises for collectives)

Our mission is to work with community institutions, women, and their collectives; enable digital-financial inclusivity; and address salient development imperatives through essential enablers in and around the regions we serve.

Ambition for the next five years

Impact 80 million lives

a) Training 10,000 people to enable experiential energy conservation education learning for 10+ lakh youth

b) Building capabilities of 1,00,000+ Self-Help Group (SHG) members

c) 15% special outreach for Tata Affirmative Action


Train 35+ lakh youth as conservation and STEM education champions

Employability and employment

20+ lakh youth to be trained and made employable


Enable 1+ lakh community collectives (Self Help Groups)

Through the Tata Power Community Development Trust, we actively engage in strategic partnerships and employ a dedicated team to plan and coordinate programmes.

Our CSR initiatives made a positive impact on 3.7 million lives across 17 Indian states during FY23. We collaborate with esteemed public institutions such as ICDS, government hospitals, schools, gram panchayats, and forest divisions. Together, we work towards creating a more equitable and empowering society.

Our identified flagship initiatives, implemented across various locations, reflect our commitment to core focus areas. A note on our initiatives in FY23 are provided below:


In this focus area, our aim is to foster conservation champions, promote STEM learning, cultivate inclusivity mindsets, and raise awareness about learning disabilities. We collaborate with regional public institutions, community groups, schools, anganwadis, self-help groups and public health workers to achieve these objectives. Additionally, we facilitate functional and digital literacy programmes for children and adults, provide scholarships for affirmative action and ensure access to government and social welfare schemes.

Club Enerji

Club Enerji is our conservation education and action initiative aimed at combating the energy crisis and preserving the environment, conducted in partnership with the neighbouring schools. In Tata Power Renewables neighbourhoods, STEM education and wall-art works have been initiated under Urja, to further the experiential- and lab-based learning. An annual Urja mela is hosted in Delhi as a culmination of model-making and quiz contests across over 350 schools in our neighbourhoods.


Adhikaar programme empowers communities and institutions by enabling support for making and uploading documents required for accessing Government social welfare schemes. We also train Adhikaarpreneurs who act as local champions, bridging the gap to access government social security and welfare schemes and fostering financial inclusion. Adhikaar has already expanded to 80 districts across 13 states in India, propelling the nation towards a brighter future.

  • 6.5 lakh Beneficiaries
  • 920 Adhikaarpreneurs developed
  • ` 180 crore worth of value unlocked through Government schemes


PayAutention network is a one-of-its-kind phygital platform in India that provides support and guidance to volunteers, caregivers, community workers, and child-care ecosystems to enable early diagnosis and primary care for children with neurodiversity - with a special focus on autism spectrum disorder. The programme serves through a web portal with verified knowledge resources, learning videos, a helpline, expert webinars and workshops, events, and street plays to further this ecosystem.

Our outreach efforts have also touched the hearts and minds of over 5,000 community members through thought-provoking street plays in six different regions. The PayAutention support helpline (18002099488) has reached 17 states across India. Over 50 national and regional organisations have become part of the National Autism support network in India with PayAutention.




Anganwadi workers and Women SHGs trained to provide support for those with autism

Employability and employment

This covers vocational training centres for skill development of women and youth in technical and non-technical trades and training of women in digital aids and customer service to serve as metering, billing, collection partners - furthering regional employment and self-employment.


Roshni initiative has guided and empowered thousands of young individuals nationwide. With vocational training centres in 15 districts across 11 states, Roshni has opened pathways for youth to excel in the growing green job sector and explore their potential as entrepreneurs. In FY23, over 39,000 individuals benefited from this impactful programme.

Additionally, our Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) has developed renewable sector courses, training over 2,500 people in green jobs during the same period. We aim to become leaders in the Green Energy Skill Development sector, training over 1 lakh individuals in next five years through strategic partnerships and collaborations.


This programme enrols and empowers women from our Transmission & Distribution cluster neighbourhoods through a 'Learn while you Earn' programme, enabling them to serve as community leaders as well as representatives for electricitybill collection and consumer-query resolution. This not just creates livelihoods, but also drives awareness.


This focus area involves women and farmers' SHGs formation, strengthening, upskilling, leadership development; financial and technical enablement; facilitation for backward, forward linkages and One Tata synergies.

Anokha Dhaaga

Anokha Dhaaga is an upskilling and hand-holding programme aimed at enabling semi-skilled and unskilled women, farmers groups, and local artisan groups with a focus on the inclusion of SC and ST members of the society and serving around aspirational districts, enabling collectives/SHGs to develop enhanced products and further income-generation, societal growth and development including connecting them with larger markets and business value chains.

Essential enablers and Urja

This focus area involves need-based initiatives to mitigate day-to-day challenges faced by key communities in association with local public service institutions.

Through the Urja initiative, we have supported the fundamental requirements of communities under the area of essential enablers. These enablers have been instrumental in improving the lives of people in rural and urban areas, where basic amenities are scarce. By setting up health and sanitation corners, water filtration units, and lab-on-bike programmes, we have facilitated the strengthening of local public institutions, such as primary health care (PHCs), Gramme Panchayats, Schools, and Police Stations.

The impact of the Urja initiative has been felt far and wide, with nearly 200 public institutions, including schools across 18 districts benefitting from the programme. Furthermore, the Lab on Bike programme, which is focused on promoting STEM education in rural areas, has been successfully rolled out in more than 27 schools in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh, providing experiential learning opportunities to nearly 4,000 children

  • Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Programme reaching 200+ beneficiaries.
  • 21 mobile medical units (MMUs) and 200+ public institutions in 17 states covering 32,000+ beneficiaries
  • Sports intervention social defense programme
  • Access to clean drinking water through RO installations in Govt schools of MP, Delhi, Jharkhand, Odisha and Rajasthan

Arpan: Through the Arpan programme, we encourage our employees to volunteer, empowering them to engage in meaningful initiatives and make a positive impact in their communities. Our Company earned eight awards at the Tata Sustainability Conclave in November 2022 and recorded the highest number of volunteer hours among its employees. A skill-based, virtual volunteering programme assisted non-profit organisations with digital literacy, blog writing, and social-media development.

The Tree Mittra initiative is an afforestation drive which urges all its stakeholders, including employees and customers, to come forward and join the mission to make our world greener and cleaner for future generations. We have launched Tree Mittra online portal to reach the masses and enhance the Tree Mittra programme.


Volunteers clocked over 1 lakh
volunteering hours in FY23

6 lakh

Plantation carried
out in FY23

Affirmative action

In line with the Tata Philosophy, our targeted outreach efforts extend to families from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, migrant families, sanitation workers, and individuals with disabilities, among other disadvantaged groups, making a difference to over 5 lakh beneficiaries. We believe in creating a level-playing field for all, and this is reflected in our vendor-enlistment and ordering process. The company is providing scholarship on yearly basis to the students from affirmative-action community across Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha.

Community Engagement Index

We have instituted unique and robust model through Community Engagement Index (CEI). The framework is developed to measure the community impact and evaluate the sustainable regional development and programme effectiveness. The effort is also to analyse, compare, and draw the results of the regional development dimension and CEI with the other M&E frameworks developed by Tata Power.

Green collaborations for local sustainable energy

Clean Energy International
Incubation Centre (CEIIC)

IIT Delhi

IIT Mumbai

IIT Madras

IIT Dhanbad

Social Alpha

ACT Accelerator