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  • Formal and informal feedback

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  • Annually

  • Need-based
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Strategic Business Objectives

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Our dedication to delivering value to customers drives us to solidify our position as a business-to-consumer (B2C) company. Customer convenience and satisfaction are paramount, with our commitment to providing uninterrupted power and innovative beyond-the-meter services. By prioritising differentiation and smart energy solutions, we consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Additionally, we actively collaborate with customers on energy-saving initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable growth.

Distribution consumer base

7.64 lakh


19.59 lakh


1.61 lakh


100.56 lakh


Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the centre of what we do. We have implemented a comprehensive 3D approach and strategy to integrate "Customer Promise" into our Corporate Customer Service Policy, which reflects our dedication to consistently surpass customer expectations and become the most-valued service provider in the power sector.

The policy is in alignment with the Tata Group Customer Promise and can be accessed on Tata Power website.

Our 3D Approach

Involving Stakeholders in Carbon Mitigation Journey @ Customers

  • Quantification of carbon-savings (DSM, ESCO, new businesses)
  • Green power supply for customers
  • Digitalise customer processes (paperless billing, chatbot)

We are constantly striving to enhance our customer experience with the latest digital solutions. Below are the few initiatives we have taken to make the process of using our services more efficient and convenient for our customers:

  • Jan-Jagruti Abhiyan focused on customer safety with 100+ sessions around Mumbai and connected with approximately 5,000+ roadside and slum dwellers
  • New connections through WhatsApp services/ missed calls
  • Special counter for senior citizen and specially-abled customers
  • Mumbai Distribution inaugurated the first ever ‘Divyang’ Customer Relation Centre in India; reiterating its efforts towards fostering diversity and inclusion
  • To help customers in smooth processing of name change application - 'Naam Badlav Pakhwada' was launched in Mumbai wherein 10,000+ queries were addressed and 3,000+ applications were processed. Annual change of name – 25,000 +
  • Unique group captive offering to corporate housing society: reached out to more than 700 societies across Mumbai
  • UJALA-Braille Electricity Supplementary Bills launched for visually impaired consumers
  • Launched 50 PDS-linked Anubhav Kendra—a one-stop experience centre for rural consumers service delivery integrated with PDS centres (Ration Shops) across all divisions in North Odisha Discoms
  • Women SHGs engaged in billing-and-collection activities serving over two lakh consumers across Odisha Discoms
  • Options to customer to access their bills in vernacular languages such as Marathi, Odia
  • Successful operation of Bluetooth (BLE) metering and drone-based meter reading for inaccessible agricultural lift irrigation customers
  • E-billing through WhatsApp and e-mail made it possible for our customers to receive their bills via WhatsApp and email. This saves time and is a more convenient option for many customers

Bidyut Seva Kendra (BSK)

  • Fuse Call Centres have been converted to BSKs to connect with rural customers. We have established 227 BSKs and targeting to reach all divisions of Central Odisha by FY24
  • Services provided through BSKs include attending to fuse call complaints, technical feasibility and dues verification of new connections, bill payments through digital means, registration of new connection requests, and senior citizen facilitation through WhatsApp video calls

Gaon Chalo

As a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, we organised 654 customer-interaction camps in rural areas, across all divisions through the 'Gaon Chalo' initiative. This initiative benefitted over 20,000 customers and addressed their queries and electricity supply-related issues. Through this programme, customers conveniently registered their queries, lodged complaints, made bill payments, clarified safety concerns and sought guidance on energy-saving practices. In FY23, 2,737 consumers transitioned to the digital platform and we processed 3,691 new service connections.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Service reliability

To ensure uninterrupted power supply to our customers, we continuously monitor our vast distribution networks. Few of the initiatives we undertook include:

  • Preventive maintenance: Preparation and execution of Annual Patrolling Programme as per IMS criteria
  • Utilisation of new technologies to strengthen the operations, such as:
    • Drone patrolling for operational excellence
    • Voice assisted switchgear for safe RMU operation
    • Network management application SPINe-Spatial Patrolling Interface
    • Tower patrolling app deployment across all sites for centralised monitoring and digitalisation of all O&M patrolling formats
    • Use of Distometer (tool) for electrical-clearance measurement and to avoid tripping
    • Smart Ring Main Unit (RMU), high resolution sensors and cloud applications for LV automation developed and are being used for real time monitoring and rapid restoration
    • Internet of Things (IoT)-based LV (Low Voltage) automation and installation of high-speed fuse for fault isolation
  • Motorised tree pruner to eliminate the risk of working at height and aiding to a reliable line
  • Creating community awareness on adverse impact of construction under line and advance intimation to authorities
  • Use of EV cars and bikes deployed in operation activities and in resolving customer complaints
  • Remote operations of sub-stations across various sub-station through Central Power System Control Centre (PSCC) Bhubaneswar. This has resulted in the unmanning of 82 sub-stations during FY23
  • Onsite power transformer overhauling under “NAVIKARAN” project resulting in reduction in PTR failure by 77% (from 30 to 7) within one year in North Odisha Discom

Data privacy

We have implemented a comprehensive data privacy policy (, to address concerns regarding data storage and safeguard customer information. We have also established various channels for customers to report any issues or doubts regarding data privacy, which we actively monitor. During FY23, we did not receive any grievances related to breaches, leaks, thefts, or losses of consumer data, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining customer privacy.

Health, safety and security

Electricity, being a critical resource, demands the utmost safety and precautionary measures. We ensure the establishment and enforcement of safety standards throughout our value chain, involving all stakeholders associated with our services. For instance, our employees engaged in power plant operations and maintenance, spanning generation, transmission and distribution, undergo training on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and annual health check-ups. To promote health and safety, we communicate relevant information regarding 100% of our products and services through safety signs placed in and around substations within customer premises and public areas. We also diligently provide necessary information on regulations, laws and codes for appropriate product labeling and marketing. Notably, during FY23, we maintained complete compliance with regulations and voluntary codes pertaining to product information, labeling and marketing communication.

Engagement touchpoints

In addition to social media platforms, SMS, emails and monthly bills, there are various other physical and digital touchpoints that we utilise to engage and interact with our customers.

Tata Power Customer Portal

Personalised communication with HRB consumers through key account managers

Tata Power Mobile Application

Camps at various C&I premises and residential societies to promote digital literacy and green tariff

Newsletters and Press Releases

Programmes under Club Enerji, a unique initiative of TPDDL, based on the maxim of ‘Collaborating to Conserve’

Sensitising the Youth: Club Enerji's Year-long Events

As a culmination of a year-long energy conservation campaign, TPDDL's social impact group Club Enerji organised the National Urja Mela on December 14, 2022. The event saw the enthusiastic participation of over 700 children and teachers from 85+ member schools across the country, reaching a total of 62,210 children sensitised. Multiple sessions were conducted by Team SIG and volunteers from various departments of TPDDL, focusing on energy conservation, air pollution, renewable energy, safety, ethics, health and hygiene. Mini Urja Melas were also held in 12 districts, where winners had the opportunity to compete at the state level in the Mega Urja Mela. The event included competitions such as science models, quizzes, poster making, film making and entrepreneurship concepts. Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of TPDDL, highlighted the Club Enerji programme's objective of involving the younger generation in addressing environmental issues for a sustainable future.

Feedback and satisfaction

We have established an efficient feedback system to enable customers to share their feedback and address any concerns. Our robust processes ensure that all customer complaints are promptly examined and resolved within 24 hours of registration. If the initial resolution is unsatisfactory, our customers also have the option to approach our internal grievance redressal cell.


Customer satisfaction score in
Mumbai and Delhi Discoms

Empowering Customers

We are increasingly bringing together smart, green choices to cater to our customers' changing preferences. We have introduced multiple low-carbon business solutions that are crucial in shaping the future of Tata Power and transforming the energy consumption scenario in India.

EZ Home

Creating smart homes of tomorrow —smart switches converters and controllers

EZ Charge

Empowering smart-mobility solutions of tomorrow — India’s largest infrastructure of charging stations

Smart Meter

Creating energy management solutions — digitally-enabled metering

Green Power

Enabling sustainable-energy consumption


EV Charging points in next 5 years

Becoming an Energy Partner

As a company shifting towards clean energy, we are providing environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.

EV charging


Home charging points installed


Public and semi-public EV charging points energised across 351 cities

2 million MT of CO2

Estimated CO2 savings per year

We are leading the way in establishing a vast network of electric-vehicle charging stations nationwide. Our goal is to provide seamless charging services in various locations, including homes, offices, shopping centre and more. With over 3,700 public charging points and 38,500 home charging units, we operate in 350+ cities and cover 150+ highways. Additionally, we offer charging infrastructure for buses and fleets, with 234 bus charging points in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Through our EV-charging programme, we expect to prevent approximately two million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Home Automation

Tata Power EZ Home has successfully designed and tested a diverse range of top-notch home automation products. Our latest offerings include modular-touch switches catering to premium customer segments like builders, architects and interior designers. Additionally, we introduced energy-efficient products like motion sensors and sensor-based dimmable LED lights for both commercial and residential use, enabling energy savings of up to 60-70%.

Throughout the year, our home automation business concentrated on partnering with experienced HA exclusive channel partners to enhance business and customer services. Moreover, we initiated product indigenisation in India to decrease reliance on imports and boost domestic manufacturing. To promote our home automation products, we introduced an exclusive EMI scheme for Tata Power Mumbai Discom customers. Additionally, collaborations with various OEMs and partners aim to offer a seamless interface for home automation.


  • Collaborated with Tata Power EV business to provide smart AC chargers for EV Fleet business. Tata Power EZ Home has developed in-house smart AC chargers which are installed at various locations like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur for Fleet vehicle charging
  • Collaborating with multiple air conditioner OEMs, we have developed retrofit solutions that transform conventional ACs into Smart ACs. These upgraded units can be conveniently controlled using a mobile app, allowing for smart energy management and performance monitoring. Additionally, our universal mobile app enables users to operate multiple ACs simultaneously
  • Through collaborations with diverse technology partners, we are working on creating smart, energy-efficient solutions. These initiatives aim to expand our range of products and solutions while enhancing our overall value proposition to customers.

Won the ‘Power InnoVista‘ Award for implemented innovations



Total units sold in FY23


Home-automation channel partners compared to 10 in FY22

Home Automation Team Secures Intellectual Property with Filing of Two Patents in FY23

1 gang 2-way smart power smart switch

Smart Wi-Fi based infra-red (IR) module for ACs

Single solution for smart control and protection of power appliances (timer-based automatic shutdown of power appliances as per user's requirement to save wastage of electricity)

Retrofittable IR module for smart energy management of air conditioners (ACs)


Our ESCO solution offers a holistic approach to smart energy, providing integrated energy as a service (EaaS). It caters specifically to large industrial and commercial clients, enabling digitalised power management. With ESCO, clients can monitor energy usage, make cost-saving adjustments, and reduce their carbon footprint. We have successfully deployed these solutions in various locations, showcasing their scalability and potential to meet present and future energy needs.


Projects delivered in FY23 for energy-intensive sectors/applications

Utility of the Future

As we progress towards becoming a Utility of the Future, we offer a diverse array of clean solutions. Our expertise in EV charging has positioned us as a market leader, and our distribution network is poised to reach 40 million customers within the next five years. By combining smart and sustainable options, we are reshaping India's energy consumption landscape and providing innovative choices for our retail customers.

Smart Grid Technologies

We employ smart-metering technology to enable accurate and transparent real-time monitoring of consumer electricity usage, promoting energy efficiency. Leveraging IoT and grid-scale storage, we have experienced various benefits, including asset-health monitoring, decreased billing inquiries, and increased customer empowerment. The smart-metering system seamlessly integrates with our SAP-billing, CRM, and GIS systems. To enhance the expertise of field technicians, we have established a smart-meter lab in our distribution area.


5.1+ lakh

Smart meters installed across
Odisha, Delhi and Mumbai

Green Power Supply

As part of our overall green ambitions, we are recognising the net zero efforts of our customers by issuing ‘Green Energy Certificates’ and are also developing hybrid renewables as part of our green solutions.

Supporting customers to become RE100 compliant by offering 100% green energy

Empowering Consumers

Leading the Charge for Change

We have introduced a range of eco-friendly business solutions that are gaining strong momentum thereby, empowering our customers with sustainable options for the future. These offerings are instrumental in shaping Tata Power's future and are revolutionising India's energy consumption patterns.



Microgrid sites installed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar


Consumer base

We have led the way in implementing scalable microgrid installations in India, achieving significant progress in this field over the past two years. Microgrids serve as decentralised power sources that bring electricity to villages and townships. Through our experience in rural India, we have identified cost-effective solutions to address power supply and energy usage challenges. Our business model revolves around collaboration, co-creation, and community involvement, aiming to uplift the rural economy through technology-based initiatives. Our goal is to create a positive impact in the social, economic and environmental aspects of rural communities.

More than 90%

Payments from rural consumers collected digitally

To know more about our initiatives, please read the Management Discussion and Analysis


  • We entered into an MoU with the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to encourage the use of green power from TPRMG among rural entrepreneurs. This collaboration aims to provide financial support to 1,000 rural entrepreneurs through SIDBI's GREENi initiative and Tata Power's #SustainableIsAttainable initiative
  • We partnered with SIDBI, TPCDT, and UI to empower rural women through a skilling programme. Training centres will be established in UP and Bihar, leveraging microgrid supply
  • We partnered with Airtel Payments Bank (ABP) and NPCI to provide digital payment services to rural consumers. They can access these services through Payments Bank, Rural Retail Outlets, and the BBPS platform, enhancing convenience and accessibility for rural communities

Solar pumps

We aid the agricultural sector in transitioning from diesel-powered to solar-powered irrigation pumps, which are essential for field irrigation and providing clean drinking water. These pumps extract water from diverse underground sources, benefiting both farms and local communities.


Solar pumps installed

Rooftop solar

As the leading solar-rooftop provider in India, we have consistently maintained our position over the years. With 1,650 MW of solar capacity installed on rooftops, spread over 275 cities across India.


1,650+ MW

EPC Solar rooftop projects executed


Market share target in the next five years

Customer-centric Approach to Climate Action

Demand Side Management (DSM) and Energy-efficiency Programmes

Through our DSM project, we work collaboratively with our customers to ensure the efficient and responsible use of electricity. In FY23, we have successfully saved 4,767 MWh of power and helped our consumers save
` 2.7 crore through the DSM programme.

4,767 MWh

Saved through DSM

Tata Power Mumbai Distribution has successfully implemented the "Tata Power Demand Response Programme" to engage with our valued consumers who have smart-meter systems and encourage them to voluntarily manage their electricity usage through behavioural demand response programmes. A total of 73,339 consumers participated in the events out of which 4,652 consumers were eligible for incentives through electricity bills.

Digitalisation: Towards 100% Paperless Processes

Through our Maitri platform, we offer a convenient and hassle-free bill payment experience. Currently, over 87% of our customers choose digital payment methods. We have also introduced standing instructions via NACH for transactions, which around 5.82 lakh customers are utilising for
e-payments. These initiatives have led to an estimated annual reduction of
50 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


Customers use digital mode of payment


NACH consumers making


Rural customers use digital mode of payment

50 tonnes

of CO2 avoided per annum

Innovations and Technology Adoptions

During the year, the following product and systems development were undertaken:

iTaps integration with “One Tata Power App” SEW platform

Our solar plant-monitoring systems enable customers to track the real-time performance of their solar photo-voltaic (PV) assets. We provide a range of OEM and indigenous iTaps plant-monitoring systems to our customers. As part of a strategic initiative, we are integrating all monitoring systems into a unified Tata Power App platform. This means that all our customers will have access to a single "One Tata Power App."

  • Data logger devices at PV plants are being integrated on to this app
  • 1,500+ data logger devices at various customers’ sites have been added as of FY23
  • Customer complaints, marketing touch points, and performance analytics are also available on the app

MySine Smart Home Solar power pack

Launched the MySine solar power pack, which is a compact, modular PV solar back-up system catering mainly to residential and sometimes to industrial consumers. They mainly comprise of solar PV modules, a DC-AC inverter, charge-controller, and a battery. It allows customers to see PV solar generation, residential load usage, and other operational metrics on a smartphone or on a PC.