Our ESG Commitments

We have established a strong sustainability governance framework to guide, execute, and oversee sustainability-focused decisions and actions.

Sustainability Governance Framework

Tata Power has a well-established sustainability governance structure to benchmark, implement, and monitor sustainability aligned decisions and actions.

The sustainability performance funnels into the Apex Leadership team and the CSR Committee at Board for guidance.

Leadership and Oversight on Sustainability


Institutional Structures and Systems

Leadership with care

Care for our environment (society at large)

  • Environment conservation
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Investment in green technology

Care for our shareholders and customers

Care for our community

Care for our people

Initiatives that are based on, and are encompassing

What needs to be done (material to both, stakeholders and us)

What we are good at doing and is linked to our business objectives

What we should take up as national thrust areas and public private partnerships for development and higher impact

What we should define as our standards, from compliance, to competing, to leading

New technology

Going beyond compliance

Architecture of Care

Embedding ESG Factors in Business

We have integrated six key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities into our business, and our future-ready roadmap.

Carbon net zero before 2045


  • No new coal-based capacity; phasing out before 2045 with the completion of contractual obligations and useful life

Clean and green capacity 70% by 2030


  • Pursuing new solar and hybrid capacities

Utility benchmark in water and waste management before 2030


  • Adopting practices to becoming 100% water neutral before 2030
  • 100% zero waste to landfill before 2030

Customer centric businesses


  • Promoting mass adoption of rooftop solar and solar pumps, microgrids and home automation
  • Leading EV charging infrastructure to spur ecosystem
  • Value-added services (VAS) at the distribution end

No net loss to biodiversity by 2030


  • Ecosystem conservation activities at operating sites
  • Implementation of Biodiversity Management Plans

Impact 80 million lives directly by 2028


  • Training 10,000 trainers to enable experiential energy conservation education learning for 10 lakh+ youth
  • Building capabilities of 1,00,000+ self-help group (SHG) members
  • Enable awareness and champions for neurodiversity support across institutions and partners we work with

Aligning to UN SDGs With Our Business and Social Interventions
Business SDGs

Business-wise targets have been set for the following prioritised SDGs to create a roadmap


To become carbon net zero before 2045

Thought Leadership

To become a global sustainability benchmark

Circular Economy

Move towards water neutrality and zero waste to landfill before 2030


CSR SDGs for Societal Impact are below


Train 35 lakh+ youth as conservation and STEM* education champions by 2028

Employability & Employment

20 lakh+ youth to be trained and made employable by 2028


Enable 1 lakh+ community collectives (Self Help Groups) by 2028

*Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Tata Power is the only Indian Company to have co-authored the SDG roadmap for power utilities along with World Business Council for Sustainable Development.