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Other Initiatives

Leelaben weaving her way through tough times

Other Initiatives

Leelaben weaving her way through tough times

Leelaben is a 48-year-old woman living in Mota Kandagra village around Tata Power's Mundra plant. Her husband was a tailor but few years ago stopped working due to acute illness and hence the family was completely dependent on Leelaben for their survival.

Her fortunes started changing when she took a loan from the SHG and started a general provision store at home. She was skilled in the Rabari and Ahir work, and further got trained by Tata Power in stitching which helped enhanced her skill. Since last 3 years she is an active member of our Anokha Dhaaga project. Currently she leads the handicraft work supplied to our leading partner Okhai. She trains other artisans and conducts quality check for all the products. This has helped enhance her household income and improve her quality of life.


Anokha Dhaaga is a women based micro-enterprise initiative of Tata Power with an objective of empowering women and creating livelihoods. This initiative has led to promotion of the local talent and conserve their traditional art form. The Rabari women artisans and tribal santhal women of Gujarat and Jharkhand respectively are engaged in this initiative for promotion of rabari and tiger grass handicraft.


1050 women

14 locations across 7 states Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat).

Earning: Rs 3000-4000 per month

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