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Tata Power and Saheli World set to empower 'Anokha Dhaaga' women entrepreneurs

By Tata Power
Tata Power and Amazon India set to empower 'Dhaaga


Tata Power's women empowerment initiative 'Anokha Dhaaga' is all set to widen the reach of its women entrepreneurs to a vast online shopper' base in India. The company has collaborated with Saheli World to leverage Dhaaga's women entrepreneurs' scale and reach by showcasing and selling their products across the country.

Anokha Dhaaga's products will be showcased in Saheli World  – a dedicated storefront to help display and sell products made by these women.

Today, Anokha Dhaaga is also a registered trademark of Tata Power.

  • While this collaboration will provide a host of services and support mechanisms to these women to enable better product discovery, it will also expedite and assist them in the on boarding process through a trained resource. Additionally, it will provide support in terms of imaging and cataloguing, product listing, subsidized referral fee and free account management.

  • Implemented in association with Tata Projects Community Development Trust (TPCDT), the company aims to reach out to all potential women entrepreneurs that can be covered under the purview of this partnership.