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Thermal Power

Power stations convert heat energy to electricity. The power generation process involves utilizing steam power created from substances like burning oil, liquid natural gas (LNG), coal, etc.

TATA POWER'S Contribution

Tata Power generates about 9032.5 MW (including Prayagraj)
from our Thermal Power plants.

The Thermal Power Stations of the Company are located at:
Trombay in Mumbai
Jamshedpur, Maithon and Jojobera in Jharkhand
Haldia in West Bengal
Kalinganagar in Odisha
Mundra in Gujarat
Prayagraj, Allahabad

Plants and Projects

Some of our notable thermal plants and projects are:

Mundra UMPP

Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), Tata Power's wholly-owned subsidiary, has implemented the 4150 MW UMPP near the port city of Mundra in Gujarat which meets nearly 3% of India's power needs of the country. This UMPP is India's first 800 MW unit thermal power plant using supercritical technology, supplying to 5 states: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab.

  • Plant - CGPL- Coastal Gujarat Power Limited
  • Location - Mundra, Gujrat
  • Plant size - 4150 MW
  • Type - Thermal

India's first 4000 MW private power project near Mundra Port, Gujarat. India's most energy efficient thermal plant using supercritical technology. This project will meet 2% of India's power needs.


Maithon Power Limited (MPL), a joint venture with DVC, has implemented 1050 MW coal-based thermal power plant in Jharkhand. This project is India's first 525 MW thermal power plant using subcritical technology, and the first PPP venture plant in the country. Benefitting close to 16 million consumers, apart from supplying cost competitive power to industry and agriculture, the project supplies power to New Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Kerala.

  • Plant - Maithan
  • Location - Dhanbad, Jharkhand
  • Plant size - 1050 MW
  • Type - Thermal

A Joint venture of Tata Power and Damodar Valley Corporation have implemented the 1050 MW (2X525 MW units) in Nirsa District of Dhanbad in the state of Jharkhand in India.

This Project is India's first 525 MW unit thermal power plants using subcritical technology.

Project supplies power to four states namely New Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Kerala.

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