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Tata Power, formerly known as Tata Electric, pioneered the generation of electricity in India more than 100 years ago. Today, it is the country's largest integrated power utility, established as a licensee in Mumbai, with ambitious expansion plans, not only in all aspects of Power but in Energy and Broadband Communication.

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Prior to 1st April 2000, the Tata Electric Companies comprised the following three companies: Andhra Valley and Tata Hydro merged into Tata Power to result in one large unified entity.

100 years of Tata Power in Mumbai

For more than a century, the energy produced by Tata Power has coursed through Mumbai's vitals, reliably and economically, helping the city achieve and retain its premium status -- the commercial capital of India. The challenging task of meeting the ever-growing power needs of the industrial metropolis of the country has been possible because of efficient transmission and distribution of energy, and constant upgrading of technology by the Company.

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Expanding its Network of Reliability

Tata Power's power systems in Western India are interconnected with the Western Region Grid, including the State Electricity Boards of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Tarapur Nuclear Power Station. With its firm base in Mumbai, Tata Power has now aggressively ventured into new pastures in the country with the objective of becoming a major national player in the years to come.

Competitive Tariffs

Tata Power enjoys an unrivalled cost-advantage in electricity production which it has achieved by regularly upgrading its state-of-art technology and having a unique mix of hydro and thermal generating capacity. The Company happily shares this advantage with its customers, in terms of competitive tariffs. Major beneficiaries are direct consumers paying the lowest tariffs in Mumbai.

The Mundra UMPP - A Source of Clean and Abundant Power

Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), Tata Power's wholly-owned subsidiary, has implemented the 4000 MW (800 x 5 units) UMPP near the port city of Mundra in the state of Gujarat in India. This UMPP is India's first 800 MW unit thermal power plant using supercritical technology, and is arguably the most energy-efficient, coal-based thermal power plant in the country. As per the bidding norms, the Project was designed to be run on imported coal. The Project is expected to benefit close to 16 million domestic consumers apart from supplying cost competitive power to industry and agriculture.

The Project will supply power to five states namely Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra in Western India and to Haryana and Punjab in Northern India, which are currently facing shortage of electricity.

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