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Technology & Green Initiatives

Technology & Green Initiatives

Care for environment through adoption of cleaner technology

Mundra UMPP is part of the Government's strategic plan for catering to the country's energy needs. In addition, it is compliant with the IFC/World Bank norms. Mundra Thermal Plant fully understands that in the current scenario striking the right balance between development and climate change concerns is crucial and Mundra UMPP is a step in that direction.

Tata Power the parent Company of Mundra Thermal Plant has always been a lead adopter of superior suitable technology and Mundra UMPP is yet another example of the same. The Mundra UMPP features a number of new and advanced technological initiatives some of which are outlined in the sections below.

  • This project uses supercritical technology. The technology and choice of unit sizes will help save fuel for the project and cut down the GHG as compared to regular coal-fired power stations.
  • The GHG emissions per kilowatt hour of energy generated are 750 grams of carbon dioxide per kWh, as compared to India's national average of 1,259 g CO2/ kWh for coal-based power plants.
  • The choice of imported coal significantly lowers sulphur emissions. The plant will use significantly less than the stipulated 1% sulphur and 10% ash content in coal.

Supercritical Advantage:

  • The boiler for supercritical 800 MW units is 'once through' type as against 'recirculation' type boiler in 500 MW subcritical units.
  • The design efficiency of the boiler for supercritical 800 MW is higher as compared to subcritical 500 MW boilers.
  • These design improvements result in lesser fuel consumption per MW power output in 800 MW supercritical units than in 500 MW subcritical units.

Green Initiatives

Development phase of green belt
Growth of green belt
Trees up to 4 ft height
  • As part of its solid waste management initiative for the project township, Mundra Thermal Plant has commissioned and is operating a Biogas plant of 300 kg/day capacity. Mundra Thermal Plant is also using renewable energy resources.
  • All coal ash generated from the plant is collected and stored within the plant premises in silos and ponds. Dry ash is transported in closed and sealed bulk carriers to the cement industry. Tata Power has provided a well-designed and lined ash pond for storing the ash which is only a backup arrangement and not utilized in line with the Government of India guidelines on the subject.
  • The Mundra Thermal Plant complex, in line with its intent to reduce its carbon footprint and promote green generation of power, has adopted multiple approaches, including installing a micro-hydel plant in the outfall channel to harness the flow of water (under construction), and the installation of a Solar plant at the township to cater to the hot water requirements of the kitchen facility.
  • In continuation with its efforts towards environment conservation, Mundra Thermal Plant will take up a massive tree plantation programme on 430.4 acres of project land and a total of 1076000 trees of indigenous species will be planted.
  • Mundra Thermal Plant is developing a peripheral green belt of width 100m along the boundary of the power plant and coal yard to curb the fugitive emissions from coal conveyors and stockpiles. Wind barriers of height 9m are also being set up.
  • Efforts are being made by Mundra Thermal Plant in developing "manmade ponds" in the green belt area through reuse of the excess treated water. The ponds are to serve as potential eco restoration zones providing habitat for local and migratory bird species.
Irrigation using a clay emitter
Wind barrier
Manmade ponds

Environment Awareness Campaigns

Mundra Thermal Plant actively pursues environment awareness among employees, workers and neighbouring communities. For this various promotional activities are organized in neighbouring villages.

Every year "Environment day" is celebrated with great fervour and wide participation. On this occasion various programmes such as tree plantation, slogan writing on topics related to the environment and quiz competitions are organized. Employee families particularly kids are encouraged to participate in these programmes. Under this programme, school children are educated on electricity conservation with the hope that they will become the ambassadors and champions of energy conservation.

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