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Technology & Green Initiatives

Technology & Green Initiatives

Green belt development - powering a greener world

In line with powering a greener world, MPL initiated tree plantation to develop a green belt in and around its premises. This improves the aesthetic of the surrounding area and has following benefits-

  • Green belt acts as a medium of phytoremediation of pollutants and improves the aesthetic of the surrounding area.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Increases both habitat and biodiversity.
  • Soil protection, erosion control and works as wind breaks.
Plantation in approach road
Plantation in approach road towards CHP
Plantation in nearby stacker area
Plantation in Intake side

Utilisation of waste grass for fugitive dust control in ash pond

Utilisation of waste has always been a prime focus area to minimize environmental liability. Cutting of naturally grown tiger grass as a housekeeping measure and disposing those dry grasses by burning through control fire is a routine activity. We have developed an innovative idea of laying the cut tiger grass over the top surface of ash in ash pond as a mat upto a width of approx 15 mtr from the inner bund of ash pond.

This stops the ash particles to get air borne from that covered part. This initiative has covered an area of approx 15000 sq meter.


  • Reduces the emission of CO2 which releases during fire.
  • Reduces water consumption required for dust suppression.
  • Reduces energy consumption required during dust suppression by mobile tankers/sprinklers.
  • Helps in improving ambient air quality.
Laying of grass as mat in ash pond to control fugitive dust

Recycle and Reuse - the Green Mantra

Recycling and reusing the waste water instead of using fresh water for mitigating coal dust in surrounding area of coal yard, Maithon CHP team has managed to save upto 240 kl of fresh water. This fresh water saved can be used for human consumption and other better purposes.

Recycling of waste water for dust suppression
Recycling of waste water for dust suppression

Environment awareness campaign:

MPL actively pursues environment awareness among employees, employee's family, contractor employees and in neighbouring communities through organizing different programmes.

Every year "Environment day" is celebrated. On this occasion various programmes such as tree plantation, slogan competition and quiz competitions are organised. Employee's families particularly kids are encouraged to participate in these programmes.

'Club Enerji' has been introduced through a primary sensitization programme among the school students. The programme includes interactive sessions through In-class educational Film and presentation are undertaken to reinforce the content and assess the integration of thought into action, school children are trained to understand the basics such as interpretation of electricity bills, basic steps that will help curb wastage of power at home, school and society with the help of Energy Audits and Energy Calculators, optimizing the use of electrical gadgets / devices at home with the participation of family members, recording and sharing the effective practices adopted and results within their immediate circle.

World Environment Day Celebration
Drawing competition in nearby village school
Drawing competition in nearby village school
Quiz competition among employee
Slogan competition among employee
Drawing competition among employee kids
Drawing competition among employee kids
Awareness among school student through Club Enerji programme
Awareness among school student through Club Enerji programme

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