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Tata Power Launches TP Renewable Microgrid Supported by The Rockefeller Foundation

In a world where over 800 million people lack access to dependable electricity, Tata Power believes the partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation will further vital innovations and solutions for last- mile electrification that can be transferred to underserved communities globally and spur Tata Power's efforts to end energy poverty.

The new venture TP Renewable Microgrid will address one of the most pervasive challenges by scaling up an innovative microgrid model to be implemented in collaboration with Smart Power India.
It will provide clean power to nearly 5 million households directly impacting the lives of 25 million people over the next decade.
This venture will also ensure lowering elective electricity costs and carbon emissions by1 million tons per year.

This unique collaboration will amplify the Government of India's ongoing campaign to provide electricity to rural areas, unleashing the potential of renewable microgrids to serve households and businesses that suffer from poor reliability and coverage by traditional grid-based power.

TP Renewable Microgrid Ltd. will be operated and managed by Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company with approximately 11,000 MW of installed generation capacity and over 2.6 million customers under management across Delhi, Ajmer and Mumbai.

The anticipated rollout of 10,000 grids will drastically expand the global microgrid footprint and will act as a catalyst for governments and the private sector to collaborate in building clean, resilient and stable grids in other markets. Smart Power India, which was launched by The Rockefeller Foundation in 2015, would provide technical expertise to the enterprise, having built microgrids that today provide clean, distributed electricity to more than 200 villages in rural India.

Glimpses from the Launch

We provide custom micro grid solutions to power remote regions and rural electrification of hamlets, villages & localities.


We partner with the Government and various other associations to deliver a range of benchmark projects to design and deploy solar power micro grid solutions for specific needs.