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ESG leadership for a cleaner, greener and more inclusive future

With sustainable development at the heart of our operations, Tata Power leads the way in the generation of clean and green energy contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. With a 30% clean energy portfolio, Tata Power commits to being Carbon 'Net Zero' before 2045. To achieve this vision, Tata Power focuses on an entire gamut of alternate clean sources of power, enabling customers and stakeholders with sustainable and smart energy solutions.

Tata Power aims to sustainably meet the energy needs of our stakeholder groups through responsible value chains. Our objective in sustainability is to engage with and address their needs, aligned with our overall vision of 'Leadership with Care'.

Leadership with Care

Solid progress on decarbonisation goals

Being an integrated power company, we take cognisance of the role we can play in the global movement to mitigate climate change. We have taken proactive steps towards climate action, and have identified a robust decarbonisation roadmap and targets for making our overall portfolio greener.
  • Decarbonisation

    Zero coal-based growth

    Thermal phase-out upon completion of contractual obligations

    Thermal operation at benchmark efficiency

    Afforestation SBTi alignment

  • Innovation

    Distributed generation

    Storage solution

    Home automation

    Smart grids

    Carbon mitigation

    EV charging Infrastructure

  • Renewable growth

    Renewable utility scale growth

    Rooftop solar

    Solar pumps


  • Stakeholders

    Demand-side management


    Club Enerji

    Be Green

    Low carbon lifestyle guide

    Responsible sourcing

    Green power supply

    TCFD alignment

Leading utility transition to clean energy

Evolving generation mix (%)

  • 2015

    Largely coal-based capacity expansion to meet the growing energy demand in India

  • 2022

    Major capacity expansion of greenfield solar capacity

  • 2030

    Pursuing new solar and hybrid capacities

  • 2040 - 50

    Phase-out of all coal-based generation
    Carbon net zero before 2045

Clean (non-carbon based)


Our Sustainability Model which defines the organisation's Sustainability portfolio.


Tata Power is highly committed to sustainability and has always made consistent efforts in extending this commitment to all our consumers. We have undertaken various initiatives in line with our belief towards ensuring a greener and sustainable planet. The nature of 'BE GREEN' is collaborative and participative and shall include all our consumer initiatives that infuse the aim of sustainability.

Under our unique initiative, we bring you a whole range of exchange offers!

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We have partnered with leading Customer appliance manufacturers to offer you energy efficient appliances. We offer Energy Audits at discounted rates for our Industrial and Commercial customers. Energy Audit will identify energy saving potential at your premises by monitoring and analysing your energy consumption. Tata Power offers a heavy discount of 75% on the Energy Audit Cost.

To enrol in our energy efficiency programme

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