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Tata Power launches second edition of #Switchoff2SwitchOn2 to promote energy conservation amid lockdown

By Tata Power
Tata Power launches second edition of #Switchoff2S


The Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new normal in terms of everything. While most of us have been confined to our homes trying to adapt to working from home and running business seamlessly, the world outside has been changing drastically. In Mumbai, for instance, flamingoes have been reclaiming the creeks, with the other cities reporting how more birds have been spotted amid lower levels of pollution. This is a difficult battle we are fighting but it is also a tough lesson for us where building a sustainable future is concerned. This is where we at Tata Power, an environmentally conscious organization, want to step up and introduce the second edition of "#Switchoff2SwitchOn2", a campaign to increase awareness on sustainable living.

Why #Switchoff2SwitchOn2?

The idea of this campaign is also to promote energy conservation from the comfortable space of one's own home at a time when we are trying to make most of a lockdown situation.  At the heart of this three-month campaign is a gentle reminder that it is time for us to take a step back, change our lifestyle in order to reduce carbon emissions and value the environment a little more.

How are we going about it?

We believe in starting right at the beginning so we want to address our videos to children, millennials and younger people at an impressionable age. Through a series of videos Club Enerji students enlist tips and tricks to save energy resources, we will be spreading awareness on Club Enerji's social media. Moreover, the campaign will also be run on Tata Power's Green Community page and more people across the world can join the campaign by clicking on the 'Thumbs up' icon to show support. While we began with a teaser video, we will later be following up with a series of videos encapsulating the need of millennials to save natural resources for a sustainable future.

In order to spread awareness to a larger audience, we will also have influencer marketing through contemporary media platforms such as TikTok challenge, Instagram stories, Snapchat lenses, Twitter polls and Quora to engage the millennials. We will also be releasing a brand AV to sensitise individuals about the importance of switching off all electronic gadgets after use to save electricity, contributing to saving the planet. We will also have a resource conservation module on enlisting the different ways of energy conservation from home.

If there is one thing that we are learning the hard way is it is our collecting effort that can help us stride towards a healthier and safer tomorrow. At every step, we have to do our bit to make a difference at a global level. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to initiate conversations around energy conservation through our award-winning campaign Switchoff2SwitchOn's second edition. For a bigger change tomorrow, we have to start today.