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Tata Power steps up safety measures in the fight against Coronavirus

By Tata Power
Tata Power steps up safety measures in the fight a

If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to adjust the sails when we can’t control the direction of winds. With a nationwide lockdown, the pandemic has forced us into adopting newer ways of living in a situation that challenges what we know as normalcy. As we have been attempting to navigate our way through the last few challenging weeks, we have also been taking more steps to be safe and sane. As a community, we are responsible for the well-being of each other and in this situation it’s important that we take safety measures that don’t just keep us safe at an individual level but also at a collective level. Since India is at a very critical and significant level of combatting the novel Coronavirus, we at Tata Power have also risen to the occasion to aid this fight with the best measures possible.

Power for all

As one of the forerunners in the power utility sector, we are together in this fight, standing by the nation along with the government for a safer tomorrow. Our workforce of 10,000 employees, including 2000 officers and 8000 contract workers have been burning the midnight oil to provide 24x7 of uninterrupted power to hospitals and laboratories that are busy fighting the virus from day one. Our 70 renewable power plants, 11 hydro generation and thermal plants, including CGPL’s Mundra UMPP, along with the transmission network operating in five cities are running in full capacity to ensure seamless power supply across homes. We have been committed to the government initiative of “Power for All” throughout and during the lockdown and with the help of our adept workers we have ensured zero disruption in power supply even during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘9 pm for 9 minutes’ initiative on 5th April.

Safety measures for our people

While we have been committed to providing seamless power supply to everyone quarantined in their homes, we have also enhanced our safety measures for our employees through various initiatives. Our on-ground workforce has been divided into two independent groups working in rotational shifts and are maintaining social distancing with each other. Our corporate employees are providing all kinds of support to those who are working on the field 24x7 with 50% of the senior management working from home and office in rotation.

In these stressful times, taking ample care of our employees’ health is of utmost importance to us as they are a part of our family. This is why we are getting the health of our power engineers and staff regularly monitored while enforcing a social distancing protocol. We are getting this done by taking care of their stay, travel and food thus ensuring their well-being. We realise that without a sense of security, the current situation can take a toll on our employees’ mental health. To prevent this, we have been constantly engaging with them to ensure they are motivated and can focus on their work well. We have initiated different yoga and meditation programmes for mindfulness that can help our employees in coping with anxiety and stress.

In general, most of our employees are motivated and dedicated in serving their nation, especially during this challenging phase. Since we understand how difficult it is to put your best foot forward consistently during the lockdown, we have planned initiatives in the form of rewards and recognition to appreciate the exemplary contribution of our regular employees and extended workforce.

At Tata Power, safety and care have been values that are sacred to us. We understand that our vision of a sustainable future cannot be complete without these values at the core of everything we do. While we are extremely proud of our resilient and selfless workforce, we also feel responsible for their safety at every step. We are sure we will tide over these difficult times but we are also proudly aware that it is our trained and skilled workforce who will help us in securing a stable and sustainable future. After all, tough times don’t last but tough people do.