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Tata Power Club Enerji's launches a module on 'Water Conservation' to help combat climate change

By Shalini Singh - Chief - Corporate Communication and Sustainability
Tata Power Club Enerji's launches a module on 'Wat


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'Club Enerji', Tata Power's nationwide movement is built with an intent to train and sensitise the future citizens of India on the importance of energy & resource conservation to combat climate change. It imparts knowledge and understanding of natural resources and energy conservation to the young minds of the nation. Continuing with its strategic focus of nation building and in line with the global mission, the company has announced the launch of its new module on 'Water Conservation' for Club Enerji.

In 2015, 2.1 billion people around the world did not have access to safe drinking water. This number has gone up by to 2.2 billion this year and it is clear that conserving water is the need of the hour.

Given that India occupies only 2.45 percent of all the land area on the earth and only 4 percent of world's water resources, it is imperative that people realize the importance of this natural resource.

Chennai's water crisis is the most recent example why people need to realize the impact of water shortage.

With a vision to transform by adopting a holistic and robust approach towards water and energy conservation, the module aims to educate young minds on the importance and methods of saving water & energy. To communicate the message the company has developed visually rich content, a series of educative videos about several aspects of saving water at home, in their community and in their city.

The film shows how water is an important part of generating electricity, and that saving electricity in turn helps save water.

The module is hosted on the Club Enerji website - and users can access the module by clicking on it - The content contains topics emphasising on water conservation and do it yourself kit tutorials.